Freedom Smoke USA

The following is a Freedom Smoke USA review. You would expect all products on this site to be made in the United States: are these expectations met? And why is it called “freedom” smoke?

That would be for two reasons.

One is that you are freer to smoke if you actually vape than you were as a smoker of analog cigarettes. The same places which were once cut-off to you, such as clubs and restaurants, are open wide.

The other reason is that smoking was bad for you but vaping might be okay. Studies continue so as to determine once and for all if this is true or not, but you will certainly be free from the side-effects of inhaling poison.

FreedomSmokeUSA.comAbout Freedom Smoke

Read the “About Us” page at Freedom Smoke. This is a family business, and by family they mean “lots of family”: 7 kids. The owners claim a strong work ethic, something they want to model to their children. Also, there is a strong desire to produce high quality products when kids are around so their safety is not compromised.

USDA Approved

Apart from flavors, Freedom Smoke can guarantee all US-made products including their vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. The VG has been checked by a rabbi to ensure it is kosher. Nicotine is almost 100% pure (to the 1,000’s place).

E-Juice Ready Made

Buy pre-mixed specialties such as Chocolate-covered banana, almond varieties, and Cumbermelon. Try breakfast cereals and French toast, tobacco, menthol, or something unusual and savory. For instance, do you fancy low-calorie bacon; maybe a healthy helping of trail mix? Get what you want and more or develop a new craving.

Five milliliters costs $4, 10mls is $6, and so on. Nicotine increases by 6mg at a time right up to 36mg (0% is available). Samplers of 3mls each are also available.

Although 10mls for $4 is commonly available, Freedom Smoke is providing high quality for the money.

Vaping Starter Kits

To use any brand of e-juice liquid, you need to have refillable cartridges or tanks. If not, here is your chance: buy a kit from Freedom Smoke USA. Examples on their menu include the eGo-T in blue, pink, or red for a decent $69.