When a regular e-smoker writes an Eversmoke review, it is usually full of praise. Customers give the firm four and five stars across the board for customer service, the user-friendly online ordering system, flavors, smooth vapor, and more.

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Eversmoke Basic Starter KitEversmoke also offers several ways to get started smoking electronic cigarettes. Get to their website when a sale is going on and purchase a starter kit for somewhere between about $50 and $100.

These kits feature a wall charger, multiple cartomizers, etc. Selection is an important feature of any e-cig catalogue, and Eversmoke provides selection at their website http://eversmoke.com

Eversmoke Express KitExpress Kit

Another option is to order an Eversmoke Express Kit. As starters go this one is inexpensive and convenient. Although you get few pieces (one battery, a USB charger, and two 18mg tobacco or menthol cartomizers), it is a rechargeable set.

This is better than disposables which you throw away, and you can try various tastes and nicotine strengths along the way. An Express Kit costs between $30 to $40, depending on if the product is on sale or not.

Eversmoke DisposablesDisposables

A five-pack of disposable Eversmoke electronic cigarettes costs about the same as the cheapest starter kit: $50. They contain only tobacco or menthol.

An Eversmoke flavor cartridge also features a built-in atomizer. Each time you finish using the juice, your refill also gives you a new heating component. The result is consistent vapor production every time you use your electronic cigarette.

Flavor Cartridges

The flavors are not unique, but reviews suggest they come across well. Vapor production is good and feels smooth in one’s mouth. Tastes include tobacco and mint varieties, cherry, and pina colada.

Purchase cartridges in 0% nicotine or up to 18mg. Many consumers who have only recently quit smoking start with a high level of nicotine but wean themselves to lower levels, perhaps 0mg in the end.

EverSmoke Flavor Cartridges

Eversmoke sells their cartomizers in packs of 15, 30, and 45. The pseudo-cigarette packaging is sturdy and attractive.

Buying the highest number saves you the most money, but cartomizers are not like cigarettes. You would only exhaust a cartridge every day if you used to smoke more than a package of regular cigarettes daily. Estimates suggest you could get over 450 and up to 500 puffs per cartridge.