EverGreen Vapor

I love it when a company respects its employees so much that each one is deemed worthy of an online profile. Who knows what the staff think of this plan, but at EverGreen Vapor their employer likes them this much. Their attitude also implies that respect and warmth are elements of who they are and this should overflow into relationships with customers.

evergreenvapor.comIntroducing EverGreen Vapor

An EverGreen Vapor review takes customers to Lakewood and Tacoma Washington but also to an online site where kits, mods, and accessories are sold. They carry 69 flavors of e-liquid as well.

Nicotine Juice

These flavors cost $7.50 per 10mls and do not feature a description, so you will have to contact the company at their email or phone number about that one. I would like to find out what ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol they use and what steps they are taking to regulate their lab, if they make their own juice. Maybe drop them a line on their Facebook page.

Flavors carry up to 3.6% nicotine. A mixologist at the shop can help you find the one you want or even blend something new. Choices like Marlboro, Cataloupe, and Bombegranite (strawberry, blueberry, mint, and pomegranate) give you a place to start.

Kits at EverGreen Vapor

EV has created kits where a lot of places don’t bother. The Cool Fire II as a kit contains an iClear 30B DCC, two 18350 batteries, a charger, and liquid for $100.

Their Double Starter ($65) provides two 650mAh batteries, two T-2 tanks, a charger, case, and e-liquid.

Select a Kamry K100 Kit for $70, squared or rounded, in copper, blue, purple, or gold. This telescoping mod also comes with two 18350 batteries, a deap case, charger, one carto, and a decorative shield.

Other E-Cig Products

Cases for $10 are available in shapes which hold regular eGo pens and also Innokin products like the VTR for the same price. Also from Innokin is the iTaste Multi Charger for $11.50. Buy a Guardian E-Pipe for $80.

An Authentic Nimbus V4 is here, but also the Trident Clone. One costs $65, the other $32. Buy a $50 Kayfun V3.1 RBA or an Aspire Nautilus for $32.

I like the mixture of items: $10 MVP skins and cases; expensive authentic mods; affordable clones; APVs by Innokin; and a regular eGo pen starter kit. This is a range of stuff which should attract a sample of customers from new vapers to confident ones.

Also on the Website

It’s always helpful to find a website which features a heading for education: ECig 101 if you will. Educational articles and videos will handle a lot of the questions and problems you might encounter when you vape but cannot make it to the real store to talk to with an employee.