EPuffer is a multinational company which has been featured widely on television. They sell basic electronic cigarettes, e pipes, and e cigars, but their latest offering is a discrete transitional device.

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epuffer.comAn EPuffer Review: The Phantom

Most batteries for electronic cigarettes give you between 200 and 300 puffs. They last a couple of hours on a charge, though they charge quickly. Models are not really designed for more than a few hundred milliamp hours of power at a time, so they are good for light vapers.

The Phantom is a step up from e cigs, even beyond the most basic eGo model, offering 750mAh. There is the option to upgrade to a 1300mAh battery with a pass-through feature for the impatient vaper.

A starter kit, costing anything from $52 to about $80, contains two atomizers, 5 replacement heating elements for the atomizers, two 750mAh batteries, five 1.2ml tank cartomizers, a USB charger, and a pouch. You also get a bit of e liquid as a bonus.

This is a sleek looking piece of gear, and if it gives the power it claims to give then you could do worse than paying the listed price.

Spare Parts

Because this model is more complicated than a two-part e cig, you need to know where to buy accessories. Your five elements will wear out. The tanks will also end up in the garbage one day. All of these parts plus batteries are available sold separately at ePuffer.

Nano Starter

For something simpler there is the Nano starter kit. $38.35 buys 2 batteries, 5 cartridges of tobacco or menthol e juice, a charger, and a cable. This is a soft feeling e cig. Choose black with an orange or blue LED or a cigalike version. The price is good, even if you have to sift through a website resembling a TV advert. I’m not crazy about this busy site, but I like the prices so would be willing to live with that.

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