If you have never heard of Eonsmoke before, that could be owing to the growing marketplace of e-cigs, or the dominance of other brands.

Right now there is room for more competition with this vaping device sweeping across North America, Europe, and other continents.

Eonsmoke DisposableI’ve been impressed by Eonsmoke’s efforts in improving their product line. I have some of the product images below (this is a single disposable to the right), and am going to be trying out some of their new e-liquids.

I haven’t gotten their new product yet, but you can check it out at their website:



The flavors I tried were pretty decent. I liked their tobacco flavors and a couple of the others I tried out. They’ve also got an eGo kit (which is an upgraded battery that lasts substantially longer and is more powerful than the standard sized electronic cigarettes.



When looking up regular sized e-cigs, you will also want to check out V2’s e-cigs.

(They are who we always point people towards when checking out the top brands of electronic cigarettes)

Their website: http://v2cigs.com

They are worth checking out when looking up the regular 2 piece e-cigs, and nothing against Eonsmoke, with them you can try out vaping pretty cheap, for under $20 for their basic rechargeable kit, or even less for single disposables!

EonSmoke Electronic CigaretteAbout Eonsmoke

Eonsmoke entered the business at a good time, in the late winter of 2011. E-smoking is now considered mainstream, having broken free of the erroneous image that it was a way to smoke varieties of weed in public. Consumers are happy to see more brands in the market place because this drives quality up and prices down.

Eonsmoke Review

How does the brand compare with others the public knows and loves? Finding star ratings is difficult, at least on independent sites. Profits, however, speak volumes, and Eonsmoke is considered a current market leader.

Of note is the BBB rating: A-. The only thing preventing the company from receiving a higher grade at the time of writing is that they have not been on the market long enough to have accumulated many positive or negative comments. In theory, that grade could also go down, so watch this space.

So Far So Good

As for what is apparent from the site, Eonsmoke appears to be aware of customers’ needs in pricing and style. For instance, they responded to a need for soft-tipped cartridges. You can chew them without chipping your teeth.

The selection of starter kits includes a version costing about $25. This Economy kit comes with two cartridges (worth two packs of cigarettes, though it is not clear if they are each worth this much or both together). One lithium ion battery is supplied, plus a USB charger to recharge the battery.

Like a lot of companies, this low-cost set only comes with four choices of cartridge: one menthol sort and three kinds of tobacco. Go higher along the e-food chain and you get more selection.

EonSmoke Flavors


Eonsmoke carries 15 flavors so you could buy cartridges individually or sample one of each by purchasing a variety pack. The ubiquitous chocolate, cherry, and coffee flavors are present plus mango and grape mint. Nicotine strength goes up to 24mg and starts at 0.

Official Website: http://eonsmoke.com