Envy Ecig

Envy ecigs is a very affordable ecig brand that is aimed at beginners. It has a very decent product at a very affordable price.

The brand unlike others focuses on express kits which are very simple, minimalistic and extremely cheap to get. Some of the most important features and benefits of the brand are listed below.


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Envy Nirvana Starter PackElectronic Cigarette

Envy ecigs are pretty good stuff for the price they are purchased for. You won’t ever feel you’re holding a cheap product in your hand when you try these out.

The design itself is mimicry of the actual cigarette and nothing special otherwise. The smoking tip however is a bit different from a regular cigarette that sets them apart. But their light weight and thin nature is really something that you will like if you travel a lot.

Envy Carrying CaseAccessories

One of the best bits about Envy is the accessories available for their electronic cigarette. Unlike many other brands, you can purchase spares and other crucial stuff if you lose your originals.

But what make them really special is their carrying cases that are often hard to find amongst brands that focus more on affordability.

The carrying cases here come as hard shell cases which not only protect your ecigs from damage, but also serve the purpose of carrying ecigs in your pocket without losing them.


The vapor production of Envy ecigs is quite ordinary. With its simple and small battery design, Envy’s ecigarettes are only capable of giving very subtle vapor. But considering the fact that this brand offers its express kit at less than $20 is just too good to ignore.

Also you can pick from about thirty different flavors which tend to change your experience entirely. We recommend trying their traditional tobacco and menthol flavors before experimenting with others.