Elixir Liquid

There is no way I can say that this or that type of e liquid is going to suit a person’s preferences. Even watching an Elixir Liquid review featuring two individuals at the same time using the same liquid shows how one can be enthusiastic and the other under-whelmed.


Toffle is a Toffee-Waffle-Syrup combination produced by FDA-compliant Elixir Liquid. Lovers of very sweet juice will be into Toffle. Those readers who dislike anything on the sweet side will be put off by the imbalance between its three flavors, a combination that strongly favors toffee.

RY4 Tobacco

A familiar name in tobacco e juice, RY4 has seen many incarnations from several e juice makers. The Elixir version is enjoyable and individual, with notes of vanilla and nut. It is a good vape, though not considered to be the best RY4 out there.

Dunhill Tobacco

Here is where Elixir Liquid shines: with a variety like Dunhill Tobacco. It produces clouds of vapor and a throat hit that will make you need to clear your throat. The tobacco has an authentic flavor, something experienced vapors always notice.

Elixir Liquid in General

Elixir Liquid has opened shops in Houston and Austin, Texas, as well as one in Colorado. Customers can buy products online too. Since juice is no good without an electronic cigarette, Elixir Liquid carries a range of traditional models made by Sigelei, Boge, Camry, Smoktech, VapeOnly, plus a few others.

Their juice is American-made in a spotless lab where they fill more than 1 million bottles every month. Each one has a batch number, is tested, and is covered in a tamper proof seal.

Elixir Liquid sells their juice wholesale, so talk to them if you want to supply your own e cig store or e-tail vape shop. They have partnered with stores in Houston, Austin, and Angleton such as a tattoo parlor and other smoke shops.

Other flavors on their site (which is not easy to navigate) are Ice Cream, a creamy juice called Bliss, Crème de Menthe, and loads more.