As most e-cig users know, a lot of their hardware is made in China and shipped wholesale to the United States and many other countries. It seems as though few companies are making electronic cigarettes in the United States.

Some firms assemble them here but buy parts from China. This is true of EHPro devices. Their company is based in Guangdong, mainland China. The company has been turning out e cig mods and rebuildable atomizers since 2011.

szehpro.comSome of the Products in an EHPro Review

On the EHPro website you will encounter names like the Panzer, Valkyrie, and Kayfun. Bagua, Trident, and Cronus are here too.

Do they ring a bell?

Sometimes your mechanical mod is an authentic, top-of-the-line item and sometimes it is a cheaper clone such as one of these mods. In spite of the controversy around clones, customers continue to purchase them.

As long as they know where the clone came from they can also determine if it is a well-made item. The only thing customers do not want to discover is that the mod they thought was genuine has turned out to be a fake when it arrives at their home.

The Anticipated Valkyrie

When online stores were waiting for their order of Valkyrie mods to be fulfilled there was anticipation in the air. 2014 Valkyrie mods are now in stock. They are beautiful tubes featuring adjustable air flow, a bottom switch, and high-compatibility 510/eGo threading. Use an 18650 battery in the stainless steel tube of this completely mechanical mod.

Panzer Mod

Here is another stainless steel device. It works with an interchangeable tube to support 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, or two 18350 batteries. 510 threading makes it compatible with many atomizer tanks.

There is a copper firing pin, soft locking mechanism, and 4 vent holes. What are they for? The holes stop your battery from overheating, something you might not notice without the advantage of an LED screen to help you keep track of battery temperature. Mods make no use of circuitry.

A Hades Clone: Cronus

The Cronus looks just as formidable as a Hades but for a lot less money. Stainless steel is fashioned into another 510/eGo threaded vaping device offering 900mAh from an 18650, 18500, or 18350 battery.

Why are there so many choices?

EHPro knows that some customers could care less how big the device is and are unfazed by the curiosity of strangers. Another group of vapers wants to be discrete or finds the size and weight of a fully-loaded mod uncomfortable.


Here is where the popular Kayfun Lite Plus is made; an RBA in black, gold, and stainless steel. Those are the colors, but materials for its structure are stainless steel, brass, and polycarbonate (PC). This Kayfun is beloved for its 4.5ml capacity, bottom airflow control, and general aesthetic charm.

An Herb Vaporizer from EHPro is the EU Atomizer called a Euforia.

Some other Models

Most of the major models are already featured in this review. Some others are rebuildable atomizers like the Tobh, Nimbus V.3, Aqua, and Helios. Expect a new version each of the Panzer and Aqua to come out in 2014.

EHPro turns out an exquisite line of sparkly batteries covered in crystals. These eGo batteries make wonderful gifts and are carried by a handful of vendors in many shades which make them ideal for women who enjoy everything better with additional bling, even electronic cigarettes.

CE4 atomizers made by EHPro are fitted with Pyrex tanks. Why Pyrex? If you vape creamy, tobacco, or mild flavors of e-liquid you wouldn’t have discovered this fact, but some juices are dangerous for your vape tank. They will crack a lesser-quality tube just by sitting in there for an hour. Powerful flavors like cinnamon, acidic tastes featuring citrus fruits, and a few other styles of juice should always be dripped into a glass or metal tube.

Drip Tips

Having trouble finding a vendor that sells inexpensive drip tips which are also attractive? EHPro manufactures a number of styles like vases, gourds, and snowman tips. The re made from brass and acryclic and finished in loads of colors or swirls if you prefer. The threading on these is a basic 510 for use with most tanks.

Details about EHPro

The company handles wholesale orders in minimum batches of 50, 100, or more. Distributors shop here, not individual customers. If you want one of something, try a vendor such as Madvapes, Vivid Smoke, Alluring Vapors, or Discount Vapers. Each of these companies carries EHPro products.

This award-winning company sells to countries all over the world besides America such as India, the UK, and Australia.

What Makes EHPro So Successful?

Why do vendors often choose EHPro products in preference to other brands, clones or otherwise? Some of the reasons are the prices of goods. As a mass-manufacturer, the firm can make and sell products cheaply in their thousands.

This is an advantage they pass on to distributors whose markups are still reasonable when the customer sees them, especially if they hold prices up against those for Greek and Philippine mods. Vapers are paying ¼ of the price they would shell out for boutique equipment.

In spite of their low prices and larges-scale manufacturing methods, EHPro manages to create devices that look good and are effective for creating amazing vapor. Their RBAs can be rebuilt many times and being 510 threaded, they fit with most regular mods. The Valkyrie is gently pinched in the middle. Engravings beautify sturdy, stainless steel tubes.