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Your visit to eGo Vape online might begin, like mine did, with some squinting. The font was hard to read no matter how much I changed the brightness on my laptop. That was just on one panel: the rest was fine, but a consumer should never start a shopping trip annoyed.

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eGoVape.comSelection Perfection

Otherwise, my eGo Vape review should please the company that seems to sell a bit of everything. I found many high-end mods here with names you only consider once you are ready for variable voltage vaping.

They include the Maraxus Clone, $85 ($65 on sale at the time of writing) with fancy two-toned metal work of brass and surgical stainless steel. This telescopic mod uses copper pins with auto adjustment on the upper pins. It has 8 vent holes and a soft touch button.

The MadzModz NZonic V5 is twice the regular price of a Maraxus Clone. With 18350 battery configuration, you can use the extension to adapt to other battery styles. The switch is magnetic (no springs to break), has mechanical locking, and pin stripes give it grip. Part of the $170 price tag can be accredited to a Swarovski blue crystal that forms part of the MMN’s elegant makeup.

A few readers’ heads will be swimming: what are mods? What is all this about a floating pin? Never fear, you’ll get there. For now, take a look at the eGo-T vape kit for $19.95 and the eGo-T Twist 2. These are more affordable and easier to use while taking you a long way from those early days of vaping on mini e cigs.

I said selection was great, so you know there’s more than Joye and NZonic. eGo Vape sells Diablo, K100, Activate, and more. Buy a Hammer e pipe that is one heavy looking mod. Search for tank systems and parts. Select another category, or pick out a price range and make that your starting point.

When your own limited knowledge of vaping and vaping equipment fails you as it does all of us at one time or another, use the online chat format. “Talk” to a representative to find out the products most likely to appeal to you and fit your idea of vaping for now.

Just one word of caution: security. I did not see any indication that there was credit card security or virus protection on the eGo Vape site. Proceed with caution if you shop here.