I like the name ECigSupply: it sounds like what it is. Businesses invent fancier ways to say the same thing, but I know what I am getting here and so do satisfied clients.

ECigSupply Review

ECigSupply carries Joyetech, Smoktech, Kanger, and liquids by Boge, Vapers Choice, and Halo. Their VC juices are color-coded: blue for vegetable glycerin only, and purple for propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin. A 10ml bottle of Blue Label juices (100% vg) costs $8.95.

Flavors like Fruit Gum, RY4, and Kentucky Menthol suit a range of customers. A single complaint is that from 0% nicotine, the level jumps to 1.2%, then 1.8% and 2.4%. If you were trying to come down from 1.2% to 0, there would be no gradual way to do it with these liquids. There is a ton of e liquids on their menu.

The mechanical Silver Bullet is a USA-made item costing $129.95, the type of big unit to produce the most vapor out of your juice selection. It is silver plated with a 510 connector and adjustable center post. It is ranked as a dependable machine.

Under the description of a Silver Bullet, ECigSupply has added many pieces of advice and warnings. I get the feeling they are worried about legal issues in this new business arena, but are also telling customers what they sometimes fail to realize about the dangers of electronic devices.

On the ECigSupply home page, you get a sample of what they can offer you, not in any order, but just to whet your appetite. View images of drip tips, the Terminator Tank from Smoktech, batteries, chargers, and sale items. Stars are highlighted here if reviews have been posted, plus prices and excellent images.

At the bottom of the sidebar, new releases are shown in the same format. Pricing is very good here, you will not be disappointed. Selection is also fantastic.

You could find items here suitable to give as gifts or purchase a gift card instead. To learn more, visit their blog, FAQ section, or call/email the company directly.