Ecig Express

Ecig Express is an online electronic cigarette store dealing in flavors, advanced personal vaporizers and other things related to ecigs. As soon as you visit the website of this store, you are welcome with a vast range of different products.

While there are other things to select and purchase, the store is more inclined towards providing ecig flavors. We tried out a few things from them and here is what we found.

VaporZone JetBefore I go further, if you’re looking into either advanced personal vaporizers, or e-liquid, I’m going to recommend Vapor Zone.

They have some amazing APVs, and a huge line of e-juice, which is my favorite e-juice out there!

Their website:

Ecig Express Review

Ecig Express mainly deals in bottled ecig juice. They mostly blend their own flavors but you can also find some pre-made flavors by other brands. There are a number of different flavors available in selection of fruits, nuts and tobacco. All the juices are produced in Ecig Express lab situated in the U.S with U.S only ingredients maintaining high standards.

Apart from flavors, Ecig Express knows how important ecig tools are. In order to use their bottled juices, you are required to have an APV with dip trips or standard atomizers that can be refilled with juice. If you haven’t got any of these tools, you can easily purchase them off from this store too.

There are plenty of starter kits available to choose from that will easily work with the bottled juice produced by Ecig Express. As an advanced ecig smoker, you may be disappointed to find out that there aren’t enough individual parts available to construct or modify your ecig.

Ecig Express also gives a chance to beginners to try out an ecig. For this, they have listed some mainstream disposable cigarettes that are as low as $8 per piece. You can grab one and start experiencing the thing without spending too much on it. Each disposable comes with 12mg to 18mg of nicotine and in choice of two flavors; menthol and tobacco.