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Garfield in New Jersey is the base for EC Smokes which adds its name to the panoply of U.S. e cig companies. This one sells its own brand of rechargeable cigalikes.

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Starter kits include the standard set for $21.75 or $21.95 (the latter is for sweet flavors). This contains 18mg cartridges, three of them instead of the usual two.

You also receive a battery and a USB charger. All in all, this is a comparable price, and the third cartridge is a bonus. Every flavor appears to be available in this format which is unusual.

Nicotine strengths are 24mg, 18mg, and 12mg. This seems very limited, but maybe EC Smokes has surveyed smokers and discovered that these are the preferred strengths. We will have to wait and see if they add a 6mg and a zero.

You can also buy a personal vape kit such as the EVOD or Vamo 3. Check under categories or limit the price range. This will lead you to items like the Dash Pad, an unusual find on any e cig site. It is a pad that, when placed on the dashboard of any vehicle, will hold onto items like keys, cigarettes, e cigs, etc. Buy 4 at a time for $19.95. Put it on the gift registry at EC Smokes so your friends know what to buy for your birthday.

Their Accessories include a vaping station that could put you in mind of a Crayola Crayon station; that tall, circular item that holds more shades of blue than you’ve had hot dinners. Store your e liquid, cartridges, and batteries. Disposable hookah pens are also available.

EC Smokes runs a battery exchange which, while not free, is a reasonable deal. You need to pay for sending your battery back and for shipping, but with your cheque for $4.95 you receive a fresh battery. You probably end up paying almost full price, but without having to throw out a battery.