E-Smokey Treats

Capitola customers and out-of-towners who come to E-Smokey Treats agree on the fact that the store’s employees are great. They love coming to this California shop, even from out of town, because of the people. Even when one person was unimpressed with prices, he had to make sure readers knew it had nothing to do with customer service.

New but Should Last

E-Smokey Treats, which opened in 2013, operates Monday to Sunday. At first, the owner ran a business from a warehouse. Today his store is a place to simply chat about e cigs and flavors of juice if employees have the time. They are busy, but E-Smokey Treats employees always make time for their clients. E cigarettes are gaining ground among consumers, if not legislators, in California.

A Single Con at E-Smokey Treats

The biggest issue arising here is price. One client said it was cheaper to buy online; store prices were not the same. A local, regular customer said she was willing to pay more to buy local goods: that is, she could spend less if she bought from someone online based out of town or even out of state. This is important: buying local ensures businesses maintain their physical presence.

Tested Products

Rely on E-Smokey Treats to sell just the goods they know from experience provide value for money. The owner is a former smoker. His starter kits include the Joye Stick, 510 and 510-T, and others. You can even buy a mini e Cigar.

The owner makes a decent array of products available and these include an Apex Alpha. This mod by Blade features no buttons: you put pressure on the body to start vaping. There is no circuit board. Many tanks work with it, including a Vivi Nova, CE4, and 510. It is state of the art vaping at its finest.

E-Smokey Treats Review: E Liquid

Liquid at E-Smokey Treats comes in 6 levels of nicotine. There are three brands of juice: their own, Vapors Choice, and ZikWid. The latter comes in strengths up to 36mg, but E-Smokey Treats carries up to 24mg. Clients are able to double E-Smokey Treats flavors. ZikWid American E Liquid is a 50/50 blend while Vapors Choice is all vegetable glycerin.