DuraSmoke is one of the biggest e-liquid companies in America; among the country’s major manufacturers. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is better known for its beer, they have been operating since 2009.

DuraSmoke.comWorld Firsts from DuraSmoke

This is the first e-liquid to be certified by the CGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Processes; a body created by the FDA. They were also first to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification, another standardization tool ensuring quality.

If any company is ready for an FDA audit, DuraSmoke is. A handful of other firms have followed in their tracks, knowing that they will have to be certified and accountable when the regulation process begins.

A Dura Smoke Review

What are these juices made of to pass muster with regulatory bodies? They contain nicotine which is at least 99.8% pure from FDA-audited and approved facilities.

Their propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are USP grade and the VG is kosher. Artificial and natural flavorings are all food grade, approved by FEMA GRAS.

What does that mean? You have probably seen FEMA GRAS applied to flavorings before and thought the acronyms sounded official and, thus, important for your vaping safety. FEMA stands for Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association; GRAS stands for Generally Recognized as Safe.

There is a range of nicotine from zero to 2.4% for all DuraSmoke flavors and two lines. Blue Label products contain 100% vegetable glycerin. Red Label bottles contain a 50/50 blend. Both come in more than 60 flavors.

Private labeling can be arranged for various sizes of bottles if you want to buy this juice for re-sale. Dura Smoke sells their liquids in bottles from 10mls for personal use to 55 gallons for re-sale or personal blending. A 15ml bottle costs $6.99.

Flavors at Dura Smoke

Choose from Tobacco/Menthol, Chill, Cream, Dessert, Drink, or Fruit. The Cream line is just assorted fruits (grape, kiwi, pear, etc.) with, of course, a cream flavor which adds weight to the liquid. It isn’t literal weight, but many vapers would say this style of liquid is too rich to be an all-day vape.

Tobacco is blended with menthol or cocoa or produced to emulate a style such as Tribeca or Virginia. Tribeca is known here as Truebeca. Desserts like Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Cheesecake replace their highly calorific originals.

Fruits from the Dura Smoke lineup include Blackberry and Fruit Smoothie. For drinks, Dura Smoke has chosen Butter Rum, Dura Dew, and Blackberry Champagne among others. ‘Chill’ flavors are all fruits with menthol.

The name “Dura” makes it sound like you are getting something durable, or strong. Maybe the flavors are bold; maybe the company is solid; and perhaps both of these things are true.

Electronic Cigarette Hardware for your Juice

This major juice manufacturer, with staff including a PhD Chemist and chemical engineers, also sells electronic cigarettes and kits. Purchase a double clearomizer set for $49.99, a blister pack clearo set for $21.99 (one full e-cig with a USB charger cord), and a rechargeable single in menthol or tobacco (24mg) for $9.99.