DIY Flavor Shack

DIY Flavorshack is an online eliquid vendor that produces its own blend and allows user to create their own blend at home. DIV Flavorshack is all about doing it yourself. The available blends are there for readymade lovers but if you want the best out of their products, you would go for their DIY flavor mix.

In order to create your own liquid at home, you need tons of hardware and tools. DIV Flavorshack has all the tools and hardware needed to get started and create your own flavor at home. They even vendor flavor mixes in bottles of 3.7ml so you can easily mix them together. But you will still need nicotine, PG and VG to create a full flavor at home. This is not possible with tools which are also available on the vendor’s website.

We recommend this vendor to advanced users who know how to create and mix flavors at home. Since you have to be very careful about the quantities you use inside a flavor, there is a guide available to help you learn how to do this. But almost every advanced ecig user knows how much quantities are needed to create a ecig liquid and hence this is a great place for them to go.