Discount Vapers

Discount Vapers attracts consumers primarily because of its prices. What keeps people there is the customer service. Real people say the staff there are quick to help, friendly, and generally wonderful. By staff they generally mean one guy, who also lists his recommendations to help customers find what they want.

*Quick Note*

For anyone looking into upgraded e-cigs, tank systems or specialized e-juice, I always recommend checking out VaporZone. They have a sick line of products, and you are buying direct!

Their site:

How Important Is Service?

If you think price is all that matters, consider your local grocery stores. There are usually at least three in the vicinity. One sells goods at very low prices. A middle-of-the-road company is a bit more expensive, but also more inviting inside and people are generally friendly.

The top-flight market usually sells the same goods but charges more. Staff is super friendly, always ready to help, and the design is open; pleasant. None of these stores are empty because some customers will pay more for the best shopping experience.

This is as true of vapers as anyone else, because customers often have questions and problems. When a firm like Discount Vapers can combine low prices with great service, they have a winning formula.

The Discount Vapers Website

A review of the Discount Vapers website easily reveals that the site is intuitive. The way customers generally search for an item is reflected in their categories. Search by part or company. Look up Kanger, Smoktech, or Innokin.

Peruse drip tips, cones, and cases. Their website is professionally laid out and, while a bit busy, can be navigated without too much stress or confusion. A whole section is dedicated to informing new vapers about how to operate their equipment and what vaping is.

Major Selection

A huge selection of equipment means you could shop almost exclusively at Discount Vapers, exploring parts while knowing which ones work with multiple brands. Not featured here, for some reason, is Joyetech, although 510 and eGo style products make the list, so you should be able to find items that work with your Joyetech. Instead they carry Youde, Discount Vapers, and Rainbow, plus the names listed above.

Discount Vapers does not appear to carry e juice. This is a bit confusing in one way as they have everything else, but no big deal. Plenty of other companies sell e juice online and in regular stores.