Cyclops Vapor

At Cyclops Vapor, they know how to put bigger-than-life ideas to good use. They mix just the right amount of mythology with fact for professional presentation that is also artistic and fun. Visit them online or shop for their products wherever good e juice is sold. It will not take long to try all of their juices. Cyclops only makes 4 at this point, but watch for new ones to come along as they develop their line.

Still more Gods

It’s not as though Cyclops ran out of mythological deities, but the owners know there are only so many to choose from. They picked 4 of the biggest figures from mythology without being too obvious (Zeus and Hades don’t make it to this round). Other figures remain in the mythological inventory to provide ample room for exploring their craft.

CyclopsVapor.comCyclops Vapor Review: Four Flavors

The 4 so far are Colossus, Poseidon, Athena, and Artemis. That’s two male and two female for those of you with a well-developed sense of symmetry or OCD. Each flavor is released in a glass bottle. If you buy directly from Cyclops, these famed monsters give you 10% off your first order. As they explain on the website, the Cyclops was a giver of gifts after all, not just a monster.

Colossus E Liquid

Named for the enormous but collapsed statue protecting the port at Rhodes, Colossus combines 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol, vanilla, and custard. Cyclops explains that this figure is thought to have represented the sun god Helios. Now he’s a lot sand on the sea bed. Earthquakes don’t care if you’re a god or not.

Poseidon: Liquid Melon

Everyone knows Poseidon, thanks to Disney. He’s the one with the trident. His e juice possesses the same vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio as Colossus, but should taste like melon.

Artemis: Hot and Fruity

If you like baked fruit, then Artemis could just be your style of e juice. A baked style of fruit tastes different from fresh fruit: warm somehow. This one is a cobbler with berries. Select 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 mg of nicotine per milliliter.

Athena and the Original Fruit

She’s a tough customer: beautiful but warlike. Athena is said to have given those few people she liked a green apple; the gift of immortality. I hate to think of what she gave people she didn’t like, of which there were far more. Cyclops adds a hint of sweet red apple too. It looks like all of their flavors are 65/35, sold in 35-ml glass bottles for $22.

What’s the World Saying?

How do customers respond to these e liquids?

Generally speaking, they are most enthusiastic about Colossus: it gets the most reviews, at least. Many customers rate this in their custard top-5, but a few were looking for something sweeter. Somehow, Colossus manages to be rich but not too sweet. You can’t please everyone, but for a sweet tooth this is not the best. Hardly anyone considers this terrible e liquid, and certainly not Spinfuel. They gave Colossus an award.

Poseidon has perplexed the vaping community. While it should taste like melon according to the profile, melon is the last thing many vapers have tasted. Other fruits come across more strongly such as mango or pear.

Athena is another Spinfuel award winner. Is there a touch of pear in there with the apple? Maybe, but in spite of what Spinfuel writers think, customers have frequently noted an aftertaste they have referred to as peppery, chemical, and other descriptors that have nothing to do with apples.

Last of all is Artemis. She has the reputation for tasting like a lot of things all at once, but not in a bad way. Vapers recognize custard, butter, and raspberries for sure.

Selection Process

What does it take to make a premium e liquid?

Cyclops says it takes a lot of time. They combined flavors, vaped, and adjusted. This juice needed more “something.” Another e liquid wanted a different touch of this or that. Time costs money too, which is why they aren’t cheap liquids.

Shop around, but you will still pay up to $12 for a 15-ml bottle. All of their liquids are made from U.S.-sourced ingredients kept in sterile storage containers. They even ensure ingredients remain at a good temperature. Their liquids are pre-steeped so vapers can get to work as soon as they can tear open the wrapper.

You might find these in a variety box from a monthly subscription service. If you do, consider yourself lucky unless you like tobacco and menthol. Cyclops doesn’t get near either of those.

A Note on the Vegetable Glycerin/Propylene Glycol Ratio

Vegetable glycerin is the part of your e liquid that creates heavy clouds of vapor. It’s too thick on its lonesome to be of much use in an atomizer, which would clog up quickly if the mixologist did not add propylene glycol or distilled water. Propylene glycol, however, is an excellent ingredient for carrying flavor and throat hit.

Because vegetable glycerin is dominant here, there won’t be a heavy hit, but at least some depending on the nicotine level you choose and the device you are using. You will definitely notice plumes of vapor thick enough to support a city for the gods. The only caution is that people with propylene glycol allergies won’t be able to vape these.