Crystal Clear Vaping

Crystal Clear Vaping sells electronic cigarettes, parts, juice, and DIY ingredients to new and experienced vapers. Their policy is to ship items for free after customers place a $5 order, which is as easy as saying “Kanger” if you want more than a package of replacement coils. Crystal Clear Vaping runs its business from Columbia, Illinois, and invites interested customers to become affiliates.

crystalclearvaping.comWebpage Organization

The front page shares a selection of featured items; stuff that is popular, new, or that the company wants to shift. These include starter kits, batteries, and cartomizers. There is no theme to the list of features.

Clearomizers at Crystal Clear Vaping

A Smok RBC is $4.75. Atomizer heads for several clearomizers are sold here at $1.95 each. Here you have two items that would be charged shipping if purchased individually, but no one would do that.

Tanks like Boge 2.5, 3.5, and 6ml vessels cost $8.95 to 12.91. Choose a Vivi Nova for use with one of the several mods sold here.

Mods at Crystal Clear Vaping

The Chrome Bolt is nothing special to look at but supplies 1600mAh of power for $45.70. It comes with one vented tube and one 18500 battery, a switch, and features 510 threads.

The Smok VMax, ZMax, and Gripper are sold here. Pay $75.50 for the VMax with a battery. The Gripper features a 2000mAh battery for about $63. Choose a ZMax when you can afford $125.50 which also includes the battery.

Drip Tips

Select a style and thread of drip tip: 510 or 801. Crystal Clear Vaping offers Smok drip tips, knuckled drip tips, and Smok Twisted/Colored 510/901 tips.

Accessories for Electronic Cigarettes

Some of the items you purchase for vaping are not essential to puffing, but they help you to keep items organized. For instance, a battery case holds those essential items for your mod. When the switch on your mod becomes too spongy, do not throw out the whole thing: replace the switch. Mods are durable, but their parts are designed to be replaced.

Purchase cartomizers pre-punched or buy a hole-puncher to do the job independently. Other small but important pieces to have on hand are O-rings and adapters.

Just 8 Custom Blends: A Crystal Clear Vaping Review

There is not much to the juice selection at Crystal Clear Vaping, but theirs is not a vapor shop per se. While certain stores specialize in making custom e-liquid and sell a handful of electronic items plus accessories, business is handled the other way around at Crystal Clear Vaping.

Choose from eight styles of nicotine juice, all of them tobacco variations including one menthol style. Each flavor is available in 30ml bottles for $15. Select 36mg of nicotine or an amount below that as low as zero.

Maybe their juice suits you and perhaps you want something sweeter. Crystal Clear Vaping sells DIY liquids: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. I did not see a section for flavorings or one for tools like empty bottles, pipettes, or beakers.

When it comes to juices they do not go far enough, offering the makings of a tantalizing beginning then leaving you without the remainder of equipment or ingredients to finish the job. For vaping equipment, this is one-stop shopping. Juice makers will need to make a second stop somewhere else.