Crystal Canyon Vapes

In Queen Creek, Arizona, there is a family-run and family-operated business called Crystal Canyon Vapes. They create their own juice in a sterile and professional environment, though it is not told what that means. “Sterile and professional” is not the same as “approved,” although no lab has achieved FDA approval as yet.

It is a good start, though: trying to ensure one’s environment for the creation of vapor juice is safe today and will qualify for approval in the near future. Companies like Crystal Canyon Vapes are wise to get a head start and also to prevent problems associated with labs that are not sterile, such as juice with unidentifiable “bits” floating in it.

ccvapes.comProducts in a Crystal Canyon Vapes Review

Hardware at Crystal Canyon Vapes includes the Aero Tank Kit, eGo-C Twist Kit, eGo charger, and an Evod Clearo.

They carry Phoenix and Cobra Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers plus a Protank II (in kit form or alone). Buy T3 clearos, coils, or a Vamo 5 Kit. A Tumbler Clearo looks like a bowling pin.

Selection is limited so the chance of you visiting Crystal Canyon Vapes as your go-to place for electronic parts is not as high as stumbling upon hardware when you visit their e-liquid section or return to replenish vapor juice stock.

The Phoenix RDA is $6.49 with wick, a chrome drip tip, an Allen wrench, and pre-installed 2.4-ohm coil. That is very inexpensive and I wonder if there should be a number in front of the “6.”

Buy a Crystal Canyon Vapes Twist Kit for $49.99. This is great value if you are just starting to experiment with Variable Voltage electronic cigarettes. There is an 1100mAh battery rated 3.2 to 4.8 volts with a blue LED. Two clearos and two chargers are also supplied, plus e-liquid. I like it when a company that focuses on juice includes some with their kits. It makes good business sense.

E-Liquids at Crystal Canyon Vapors

Here is what you came to shop for: a list of tasty-sounding e-liquids. Try drinks, coffee, dessert, menthol/mint, fruit, and tobacco vapes one at a time until you have exhausted the complete list of flavors. Though large, it is not an overwhelming menu of 200 flavors.

While taste is the primary consideration, I have to say the style of presentation at Crystal Canyon Vapes is enjoyable too. Each product is presented against a background that looks like aging paper and in a font reminiscent of the Tiki Lounge at Disneyland.

5-Five-5 is your favorite nutty tobacco. Try a 3:10 to Yuma and Russell Crowe will personally serve it to you where you most like to lounge with your mod. Okay, that is a fable, but this is certainly smooth tobacco worthy of Russell Crowe. Try Urban Lemon and taste the flavor of lemonade in the style you crave on a really hot day. Ice Tea is called AZ Sun Tea (fun play on words if you say it quickly). Calypso equals a tropical fruit punch.

Turkish tobacco is known as Empire here. High Noon features blueberry tobacco. Select Polar Ape for banana and caramel with menthol. I would never have added menthol to that selection. It takes a creative mind to blend e-juice.

Desserts like Geneva (rich cocoa) and Treviso (Tiramisu) are heavy enough just to look at without eating, but when you vape one there are zero calories. Vertigo is a coffee and chocolate tobacco. My Café Blend is cappuccino and French Roast coffee minus the caffeine.

Each 5ml bottle carries a $3.75 price tag and is packaged in a plastic dripper bottle. Bottles of 15, 30, and 60ml are made of glass. Add a sweet shot, menthol, and up to 24mg of nicotine.

Coupon Code

Don’t forget to look for coupon codes when you go e-liquid shopping. Even small companies sometimes list them, and Crystal Canyon invites you to take advantage of theirs. It’s only good for nicotine juice.