Coval Vapes

E-liquid artisans are in another class from plain old e-juice mixers. Instead of replicating the same old stuff or buying someone else’s juice and re-labeling it, e-liquid artists create unique juices from a palate of only the finest ingredients available.

In this Coval Vapes review, you will see some of the flavors their mixologists have created and the ingredients used to bring them into being. Coval Vapes mixers consider themselves artisans.

covalvapes.comCoval Vapes Hardware

You should also realize that shopping here could be a one-stop experience. Buy your hardware and juice from a single vendor based in San Antonio, Texas, but only if your needs are limited and pricey.

They carry the V3 Tronix Flip costing $250. This is an exquisite mod, really a class in itself. An Aspire Nautilus is priced $32.95, with BDC coil replacements costing $10.50. Pick up a Tugboat RDA and any number of other fine pieces of equipment at Coval Vapes.

In other words, if you want an Innokin APV, an eGo starter kit for new vapers, or a set of wicks, consider a bigger, generalist vape e-tailer. This online store is almost completely focused on showcasing e-liquids.

Cloud Series Juice

This is the VG line from Coval Vapes; all of it priced $15 for 30mls. I imagine the name “Cloud Series” comes from the thick vapor created by 90% vegetable glycerin. Check that your atomizers are ready for this thick mix before starting to vape and expect to be overwhelmed by the clouds you produce.

Flavors are sweet overall, such as Strawberry Custard, PBB (peanut butter and banana plus caramel), and Lime Margarita. Do not despair if dessert vapes are not your thing. There are many more choices to be had.

Coval Vapes E-Liquid

Other vapes fall into the categories you are familiar with and there are plenty of choices of flavors. Apple Pie, Churro, and Marley’s Mocha all fall under “Rich” vapes. Napalm (apple pie with vanilla ice cream and caramel) plus Chocolate Donut provide two more samples of calorie-free dessert vaping.

Refreshing juices include AV01AF: sweet cinnamon and mint. I’m not sure if “refreshing” is quite the word I would use for a bomb like that, although you will be wide awake with such a blend on your tongue. Kentucky tastes of classic Kentucky Bourbon on ice. This one is balanced evenly between vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Raspas (strawberry, coconut, and watermelon), and a Coconut lemon-lime juice are fruity treats. From the Tobacco listing you will receive a RY-style known as Azeroth. Antarctic Cowboy blends menthol and cowboy tobacco. Enjoy the warmth of spice from a Mazatlan tobacco e-liquid.

Actually, take a moment to pause over those original names and the depth of flavors in general. Clients who have yet to leave the basic styles of juice behind (the ubiquitous apple, butterscotch, or 555) are in for a treat which could render cheap juice insufferable from now on.

Presenting Top Quality Liquid

Every one of the juices from Coval Vapes has been blended from USP nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. They use only food-grade flavoring and usually create a 70/30 (PG/VG) blend. A few blends and prices differ.

Bottles are made from glass and each one is printed with a saying: It’s a hobby, not a habit. This is the response some vapers will provide in answer to claims that vaping is an addiction that is the same as smoking.

Sometimes it is an addiction: nicotine dependency is a real problem. Then again, if you talk to vapers, there are similarities between their hobby and that of individuals who build remote control cars or collect rare coins, or even wine drinkers.

They explore nicotine juices to discover the hidden depths of high-quality examples. They challenge their palates to uncover subtleties in forward flavors and exhaled tastes. Their interests include packaging, such as stylish bottles and original logos.

Visit Coval Vapes in Texas

Shop online or come to their store in San Antonio. The layout and atmosphere resemble someone’s living room or den. It is warm, inviting, and quiet enough to play chess while sitting in a comfortable chair.

While some vape stores resemble night clubs and are equally as noisy, Coval Vapes encourages vapers to come in and feel at home while considering stock and juices, of course. Open seven days a week, the company boasts long hours for the benefit of clients working all kinds of weird shifts.

Their website is pretty minimal: there are no invitations to become an affiliate or claim reward points. Do what you have to do and log-off. Theirs is a professional site with nothing essential lacking.