Cosmic Fog Vapors

Any off-shoot of Space Jam e-liquid has the potential to do well just on the strength of the parent company’s strong reputation. Space Jam makes great juice: can anything they make turn out badly? Cosmic Fog Vapors is likely to be as good, though I wonder what the different name signifies.

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First, enjoy the logo. The variety of e-liquid bottle logos out there is varied and artistic enough to become the focus of some bottle collector or graphic/commercial art historian. Cosmic Fog Vapors bottles each feature a cloud bedecked in triangular sunglasses. Below his visage is the nicotine value and volume of a bottle. Sunglasses and shadows are color coded to the juice flavor.

Flavors of Nicotine Juice

Cosmic Fog Vapors currently produces just four flavors of juice. They are Kryptonite, Milk and Honey, Cola Gummy, and Church. The middle two will not require much description. Add marshmallow to the honey-tinged milky flavor of M&H. A Cola Gummy has the fizz of cola plus that teenager’s favorite: cola bottles.

“Church” is a play on words. When do you visit church? Most people would say “Sunday.” Now what do you have? It is a banana and hot fudge sundae with scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream: a summer treat.

Sweet Kryptonite features melon and candy. All of these four e-liquids are available with zero nicotine or with up to 18mg. A 15ml bottle is priced $12, placing it in the middle-class of liquids.

While I am no wiser about the name change, clearly Cosmic Fog Vapors is dedicated to the creation of sweet vapes, at least so far, with nary a menthol or tobacco juice in sight.

Finding Cosmic Fog Vapors

Though the business is based in Orange Country, California, lots of companies around the country are selling Cosmic Fog Vapors. Shops like Total Vape, Vape Underground, Majestic Vapes, BTVape, LowkiVapor, and Giant Vapes have Cosmic Fog Vapors in stock (or they try to keep it in stock to satisfy customer demands). Customer impressions should leave the makers of these juices feeling encouraged about their skills.

Cosmic Fog Vapors has opened its own online store, or at least a webpage for introductions’ sake, but it is not quite ready to visit yet. According to their “store locator” section every shop, even the ones in Europe, is located in Costa Mesa, California. They will have it all worked out soon enough. At least each product is laid out flavor-wise, but the piece I’m missing is a list of ingredients. Should I default to Space Jam specifications? Never assume anything I say.

Until such time as the company has its regular webpage up and running, stop by their Facebook page and take time to find out what they are doing right now and future flavors. There are loads of blurbs on here: the owners are good about posting regularly and staying in touch with their customers who have formed a community of sorts. Cosmic Fog Vapors has been running contests and although they do not sell vaping equipment, discussion sometimes turns to e-cigarettes and mods; the best ones to do justice to their products.

Reviews So Far

Cosmic Fog Vapors got started on Facebook in November 2013: less than a year ago. They are only getting rolling, but reviews are consistently good and the number of “likes” on social media is rising by the day. You should expect excellent quality at an affordable price.