Constant Vapor

Visitors to the Constant Vapor site will love the first thing they see: a woman in kickboxing stance side-kicking a giant butt. As tough as it is to quit smoking, she looks tougher. With the help of e cigarettes she (and you) can do it.

Constant Vapor Review

How will Constant Vapor help smokers kick the habit? They sell eGo products with a bit of power to them: 900mAh batteries and CE4 tanks to match. With their batteries, tanks, and juice, you are on your way.

Constant Vapor Batteries

Constant Vapor’s selection of batteries includes laser etched and Vapor Couture. This means the outside is fashionably designed in cheetah skin, multi-color, pink and gold, or embossed purple plus plenty more designs and shades.

Starter Kits

A Deluxe Starter comes with a hard case, one eGo etched battery, CE4 tank, and USB cable for $29.99. A slightly cheaper version is only missing the case, so I would pay more and buy the Deluxe. Although companies do their best to prevent leakage, it is possible your CE4 could leak juice, so it is not advisable to stow them in pockets and purses where they might also crack.

A Mega Kit for $44.95 comes with 2 eGo batteries, 2 clearomizers, a USB, and a large eGo carrying case. The math is right: get two basic starter kits plus a case and pay less than twice the price by about $5.


Constant Vapor brings you food-flavored juices such as Apple Jax (like the cereal, and other cereals too), bacon, and Churro. Pay $2.99 to buy 3ml at a time. Traditionalists who enjoy tobacco and menthol will also find a selection of suitable juices at this very low price.


You will also find a wide selection of accessories including clearance items, DIY products, and more. Constant Vapor provides a colorful assortment of e cig tools for intermediate vapors between mini e cigs and mods.