Colorado E-Smokes

If you can make it to one of Colorado E-Smokes retail stores and want to support vape shops in that state, I recommend visiting, not trying to use their website. It’s confusing, links sometimes lead in the wrong direction, and the format is cluttered. I disliked having to browse this way and would have much preferred making a visit.

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On the other hand, a quick peek at their selection gives the buyer some time to weigh up information. Selection is unusual: they don’t sell a lot of well-known e cig brands or hardware and those they offer stand out from the proprietary products.

Since the company’s own brand doesn’t have the reputation Kanger or Innokin possesses, you might want to do some research before walking in. Since Colorado provides little choice to vapers, you won’t mind doing your homework. If there was more competition, customers would probably give up in a hurry.

Kits at Colorado E-Smokes

A Max Colesman Kit contains a tube mod by this name with an LCD screen, two 900-mAh VV batteries (3 to 6volts), and Pro Atomizers. The Pro Colesman for $10 less contains 2 batteries and 2 atomizers, 3 extra tips, and a USB charger.

Their PCC Kit for $69.97 comes with a 510 battery, atomizer, 2 Tobacco High cartridges, and the portable charging case. There is also a starter kit for absolute beginners featuring an automatic battery, a USB charger, and two cartomizers (like an Express Kit).

Disposable Selection

Instead of kits, many vapers start with disposable products. In fact, some statistics suggest that most people who vape currently use these or have tried them at some point. NicFix e cigs and a disposable e cigar present affordable choices to curious customers.

Herbal Vaping

While Colorado E-Smokes is primarily an e cig store, they also cater to an audience that prefer devices that vape loose leaf herbs. Clients can purchase a PSV Kit and accessories. Cross-over sales are becoming more common in this industry and since Colorado is home to 7th Floor, makers of the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha, one can imagine the audience for vaporizers in this state is significant.

Replace Batteries

An original battery (cigalike) lasts 2 to 3 hours, takes up to 2 hours to charge, and costs $7.48. Their eGo Style Colesman batteries are $24.97. Kanger Ipow batteries cost $5 more.

Refill of E Juice

Choose cartomizers for your original battery in packages of five, on sale now for $2.99 in 0, 11, 18, or 24-mg strengths and just two flavors: tobacco or menthol. There is a monthly refill option if you would rather go the automatic route. This is true of Coles e-juice too. Using the monthly auto-shipment method, you would receive one ounce (60 ml) of juice every month for $39.94.

Their flavors are listed by style: traditional, tropical, fruit, robust, or specialty. They are also lined up by their intensity: mellow at the top, most intense at the bottom. Top ten flavors are indicated to help new customers select a bottle.

These top 10 are Mango Peach, Kentucky Select, Carolina Mild, Banana Berry, Pikes Peak, Kiwi, Menthol Ice, Vanilla, Apple Cobbler, and American Tobacco. The regular price for 15 ml of Coles e-liquid is $11.97, placing these bottles at top-shelf prices, but a liquid of the month selection costs $4 less, so keep your eyes open.