Clean Smoke

The name Clean Smoke plays with the idea that e cigarettes are clean, while smoking analogs is dirty. Your lungs will remain healthy when you vape; they will clog with grime and carcinogens that eventually kill you if you continue to smoke. Nothing could be more straightforward except that e cigs only produce vapor, not smoke.

The website for Clean Smoke claims you can get 24/7 online support, but further review reveals that their support line shows only certain hours. I imagine you can always fill out an email contact form. How long it takes to get feedback is another matter. Clean Smoke makes getting in touch easy, though. Their site is as clean and user-friendly as the name.

A Clean Smoke Premium Starter Kit costs $69.99. The box contains two 650mAh batteries, 2 TOX clearomizers, 2 coils, wall and USB chargers, and a 28-day parts warranty. Beneath this item, Clean Smoke lists suggested extra parts you might want to order simultaneously.

You can also buy disposable e cigs or cigalikes at Clean Smoke. It is unusual for e cig e-tailers to carry these when they mostly carry mods, eGos, and rebuildable atomizers. A single disposable costs $9.99 and comes in tobacco or menthol with 18mg nicotine. Product selection is pretty good.

There are not too many startling flavors on the menu at Clean Smoke. An exception would have to be Lions Blood if for no other reason than the name. It makes me think of Aslan, or just something really powerful, so I expect this to be a strong tobacco flavor. Ten milliliters costs $7.99.

Have the juices sorted in one of several ways to make choosing easier. The default setting is by popularity, where it turned out that two menthol options topped the list followed by two tobacco flavors.

There are several ways to get in touch with Clean Smoke. Email them. Phone the 800 number. Drop them an email. Go to one of their stores in Florida: North Miami Beach, Sarasota, East and West Bradenton, and Brandon. Their blog also contains interesting posts about e cigs.