The Cigtechs website is also an advertising portal for Tatroe: it has to be. The main page shows the Tatroe base for eVic and Provari mods. Cigtechs sells the Big Nasty (soon to be released) and promotes it a few times on the site. It is a major mod with 4 vent holes, 510 connectors, copper connectors, and more. Where lots of retailers are carrying major brands and beloved names in vaping, Cigtechs leaves the mainstream flow and goes its own direction.

Cigtechs Review

The Big Nasty by Tatroe costs $139 for the mod on its own. It has an industrial look to it, like a piece of steel rightfully belonging in a big machine. Because the mod is sold separately, Cigtechs kindly posts all Tatroe items together so you know what to buy and can create your order without looking around. Get your battery, end cap, tank, etc. at the same time you buy the Big Nasty. I would like to know a bit more about setting voltage, etc.: Cigtechs could post more.

Impersonal Feel

While some e-tailers post an “about us” page introducing the people who run the shop, possibly photos, and even why they started their business, Cigtechs is not like that. Theirs is an impersonal venture and there is nothing wrong with that. You just might miss the personal touch.

Evo Liquids

A bottle of liquid costs $7.99. Is it 10ml? This is not clear, but if it is 10ml then you are in the right price range. Evo’s Café Collection contains coffees such as Hazelnut Capuccino but also cookies such as Caramel Coconut. There are also a couple of cocktails. The Harvest Collection separates fruits from other flavors.

Interesting Table

Not that I understand it all, but a table is posted at Cigtechs which I have never seen before. Ohms, Volts, and Watts are all explained. Volts are represented at the top, ohms on the side, and watts are in the colored area indicating the best wattage to run at for your resistance and voltage. Colors also show what happens when your variables are too extreme. Your coils burn or vapor production is virtually zero.