A CigNot review is actually a look at Joyetech products carried by a team of business-minded female fans. These are women selling the vaping equipment they use, which says a lot.

If they only sell Joyetech (thus far), that must mean they like this company’s electronic vaping products and e-juice the best. They are not alone. Many independent companies favor the brand over all or most others. CigNot is an Illinois-based firm.

The Usual Starter Kits

A long list of Joyetech kits is listed on the CigNot site. This includes numerous 510 models and plenty of eGo vaping packages. They sometimes come without things like the fancy boxes that are usually included if you buy from Joyetech directly. This allows CigNot to sell at discounted prices. Certain items are limited, so they only sell two per customer.

The 510 NoBox comes with 2 complete ecigs (two batteries and two cartridges), and an AC charger. You pay $35 because there is no box, hence the name. Another 510 kit with a personal charging case and is priced $45. Both eGo-T Tank Type models A and B cost $65. The eRoll, with pcc, changeable atomizer, two atomizer heads, cone, and charging kit is priced $67.

Pay just $6.50 for 10mls of VG Joyetech liquid, and $12 for 20mls. They carry the usual: cinnamon, banana, cherry, etc. If you know Joyetech, you know what CigNot carries and how good it is.

Great Customer Service

This is the litmus test for all companies: their customer service. Some people will return to an overpriced firm that sold them faulty products just because they were so impressed with the people who dealt conscientiously with their problems. By all accounts, customer service at CigNot is out of this world.

No-Frills Website

This is a user-friendly, no-frills website. No flash or flair is added, just information, which is not cluttered on the screen. A video guide is also included for anyone new to Joyetech products and vaping in general.