Butt Out

Butt Out takes the smoke out of smoking, encouraging smokers to enjoy vaping instead and to lengthen their time on earth. While vaping makes a body healthier, it also buys a consumer time to try a tastier habit and flavors they could never have imagined puffing on.

The Butt Out online store sells a small number of electronic products and fewer than 40 juice flavors, so their lineup is not extensive. The impression one gets from reading what customers have to say is that Butt Out makes up for low volume with high quality.

buttoutecigs.comA Butt Out Review

This e cig business is located in Arizona with busy and popular shops in Tempe, Phoenix, and Glendale. You will be hard pressed to find a review that says anything other than good things, and that’s in spite of the dozens easily located over the internet.

Customers say that the crew at Butt Out is laid back but helpful, friendly, and skilled with electronic cigarettes. The mixologist is gifted at what he does.

Nicotine Juice at Butt Out

Their site has a heavy metal feel to it, borne out by the Metal Line of e-liquids. These 6 juices come in 30ml bottles, mostly 50/50 (with vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol option at low nicotine strengths).

Flavors are not described on the screen so you are just going to have to visit Arizona, stop by a shop, and sit at the vape bar to do some taste testing. You could always call them or write an email, but visiting Arizona sounds like a lot more fun. A choice like Dark Passenger gives no clue about the flavor contents. More suggestive titles are Banana Hammock and Apple Bottom Ale.

On the House

The House Line of nicotine costs $12.50 for 15mls and $20 for 30mls. This is a little bit expensive so I would recommend reading a lot of reviews if you cannot get to the store for some in-person vaping.

When you think that some stores are selling 15mls for $7.99 or less, this should tell you how pricey Butt Out juices are, but a higher price point also suggests the quality is high, though ingredients don’t make it to the vapor juice page.

Red Dude is reminiscent of a cherry citrus soda. Vape Paul Escobar when you long for pumpkin spice white mocha. This concoction sounds scrumptious and, dare I say it, original? I have seen Pumpkin spice before but probably not White Mocha, and definitely not both together.

While you turn your back on foods containing MSG, here is a kind of M.S.G. you will enjoy without getting a migraine: mango, strawberry, and grape. Gummy Bear could not be anything but, well, gummy bears.

Hardware at Butt Out

As mentioned above, stock variety is not wide at this Arizona electronic cigarette store. They have Innokin iTaste MVP kits for $75. Kanger Clearos and replacement coils are in stock. The Evod BCC is priced $10. An Intellicharger from Nitecore is $35. If you have ever heard that Butt Out is on the pricier side, you would be right, but not by miles.

I cannot say if Butt Out carries more and different stock at their store, and the website is under construction. I strongly suspect that when they come back to full power online there will be many tanks, APVs, and starter kits besides the ones listed above.

They will come from JoyeTech (mentioned but not listed for sale), perhaps Smoktech, and maybe Vision. Those are the ones most likely to be sold at a price the average customer can probably afford.

Arizona Reputation

For now, though, Butt Out’s reputation is strongly linked to its three physical stores and sought-after juices.