Bulk E-Juice

Where electronic cigarettes are concerned, bigger is frequently better though not always. As for juice, when a company sells various types of flavors that are unknown to you, having to buy large bottles are somewhat daunting.

What if you do not like that company’s rendition of a favorite juice and end up with 28mls of it sitting idle in a bottle, steeped as far as it will go and still unvapeable? That is the risk you take when opting for the lowest price per milliliter. Yet, there is every chance your strategy will work if you are buying not just any bulk nicotine liquid but Bulk E-juice.

bulkejuice.comHumble Beginnings

The company behind Bulk E-Juice began vaping and decided there were not enough choice of e-liquids available for themselves and other vapers; at least, not good choices.

Sure, they could buy any old cheap liquid with added chemicals, coming from who-knows-where, and even sub-standard American choices. This was intolerable. If switching to vaping is to be a lasting decision, the juice has to be good enough to make you happy and ensure you stay that way.

Bulk E-Juice Review

Here is the spec from Bulk E-Juice. Their ingredients all pass GRAS and FDA standards and liquids are made in the United States. The smallest bottle available contains 30mls (1 ounce) and costs $7.75, which probably makes this the cheapest available US-made juice around.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are mixed in ratios of 50/50, 60/40 and 30/70 dominated by either pg or vg, and 80/20 in favor of pg. Flavor headings are the usual categories: alcohol, beverages, candy, fruit, dessert, nuts, miscellaneous, tobacco, and signature flavors. This last category costs more: $12.99 per 30ml bottle.

Signature Flavors from Bulk E-Juice

Let’s start with those flavors, then. A signature flavor is usually a unique blend by the maker of a company’s e-liquid. Adrenaline Rush is an energy drink. Premium Tobacco doesn’t tell you much. With Blueberry Buckle you get blueberries and cinnamon. Hot Nutz mixes cinnamon hot candy with peanuts. While the first two are not unique, the others are unusual and definitely “signature” mixtures.

Alcohol-free Alcohol

Most alcohol-style foods and drinks do not really live up to the real thing. Think of 0.5% beer and alcohol-free wine: they nudge close to authentic beer and wine to satisfy the ex-drinker, but sometimes leave him craving a better option.

Vape juices that emulate liquor could either satisfy the yearning for a taste of booze or cause a deeper craving. Only you know if vaping Bulk E-Juice Bourbon, Brandy, or Pink Champagne will be satisfying or dangerous. Other flavors include Mojito, Pina Colada, and Jungle Juice (tropical rum).

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Dew, Café Coffee, and Cola are a few prosaic flavors. Cucumber Mint has caught on recently and is showing up everywhere. Try Monsta (an energy drink knock off) or Egg Nog, even on a hot day. Memories of Christmas might cool you down.


This is the usual list of Sweet Fish, Caramel Candy, Butter Toffee, and 2 Mint Gum (don’t know what the “2” is for). Black Licorice is for someone who likes to chew something not too sweet.


Don’t expect Bulk E-Juice to invent or discover any new fruits. The usual lineup is here: dragon fruit, papaya, maraschino cherry, etc.


The same is true when you search the menu for after-dinner sweets. Bavarian Cream is rich, but Chocolate Mint is lighter and more refreshing. Vanilla Butternut is hard to describe, though you can probably put your finger on Sugar Cookie’s secrets. There should be hints of butter, vanilla, and granulated sugar.


These are both odd and familiar flavors hard to classify under other headings. Cinnamon is one. Madagascar Vanilla will take you by surprise, not being present on these lists often. Expect to taste truly authentic vanilla. Maple Bacon provides that touch of madness every e-juice list requires.


In spite of the fact that Bulk E-Juice makes an Almond Amaretto, they do not carry almond in their nut section. Four places are taken by pistachio, pecan, macadamia, and hazelnut.


A few flavors caught my eye under the heading for tobacco, but descriptions did not do them justice. I would love to know more about Tidewater and Ankara. Tidewater has me wondering about Florida’s many bodies of water while I envision Egyptian flavors from Ankara. Maybe this one is like a Turkish tobacco. Both are considered bold.

Enjoy a sweet tobacco laced with chocolate or maple rum.


The cheapest way to enjoy e-liquid when you are completely set up with tools is to buy unflavored liquid, flavors, and additives from a bulk supplier. Bulk E-Juice sells these items as well as sweetener and menthol. You will find a shop you can walk into in Lutz, Florida where they carry more than juice but also mods, drip tips, and tanks. Their mailing address is in Port Richey.