Breathe Fresh ECigs

Consumers who like ecigs are saying good things about Breathe Fresh. They rank highly in all categories, receiving a 4 ½ star overall rating from one website. This Breathe Fresh ECigs review will keep those comments and impressions in mind, but also add personal impressions of the brand, especially when compared to others.

Note:  I haven’t personally tried this brand. It’s an overview based on findings elsewhere and a study of their website. If they will send me a kit for review, I’ll weigh in on it.  For now, I’m recommending V2 E Cigs as the top brand of e-cigarette for 2014, whole-heartedly.

Their website:

A favorite element for this reviewer is the aquatic blue and verdant green packaging. Chosen colors are clean and crisp, just like the air around an e-smoker. A first impression is that this should be an appealing brand of electronic cigarette.

The next thing that comes to mind when perusing the website is how high pricing is. Starter kits from Breathe Fresh are poor value in relation to other brands. For example, the “Let’s Starter Version 2.0” costs $24.99 and comes with one battery as you might expect, but also just 1 cartomizer. The USB charger is present too, so this is not too bad.

When you get to the Basic Starter Kit 2.0, its price tag will make you scratch your head. $64.99 for just 5 cartomizers, two batteries, a USB charger, and a portable charger: where’s the rest? You should get a bit more for this $40 jump in price.

Still, users are saying the vapor volume and flavor are as good as they want. In fact, they enjoy the authentic taste of tobacco without the toxins getting in the way. Vapor production is responsive so you do not have to puff and puff to fill your mouth or get the desired throat hit. Furthermore, if you balk at the price, two-packs of disposable e-cigs cost just $9.99: very competitive.

Only 6 flavors are available: cherry, vanilla, two types of tobacco, menthol, and coffee. Maximum nicotine content is a disappointing 16mg. Mind you, each cartridge provides as much as 500 puffs and you can wean down to 0% nicotine. Obviously, there are pros and cons to the brand. A car adaptor, extra batteries, and packs of five cartridges are sold separately.