Bmore Vapes

At Bmore, there is a lot of selection, theoretically at least. I have never seen so many euphemisms for “out of stock” or even imagined there were any. Obviously, my imagination needs some tweaking. If something is in stock you see the words “same day shipping” on page two (when you click on a listing).

If it is not ready to send immediately, the notice says “ships in x-number of days.” When something is on order the listing says “on back order.” There are items that are not available yet but soon will be. Those are “pre-orders” with a heading of their own. The $54.99 Stingray mod, for instance, is available for pre-order.

bmorevapes.comTheoretical Stock

As you can see already from this Bmore Vape review, I’ve got my tongue in my cheek when I refer to stock in any regard. Here is what they claim to offer.

Buy a Smoktech Zmax VV/VW, Vision Eternity RBA (on back order for $27.99), Smoktech Artemas Locking 510 DCT ($12.99), and a Vamo VV/VW for $59.99. This one was out of stock.

Ego and Evod kits include an eGo-C Twist for $29.99: a single full e-cig with a USB charger. 510 kits get a listing, but there is nothing in it at all. That happens. It’s possible that what they could find at the moment was not good enough for their customers or a new version is in the works, so the heading remains for now. It might also have been an oversight, but it’s not a big deal and very common among websites built by e-cig vendors.

The Smok SID was available for same day shipping (at last) for $55.99.

On the plus side, it is helpful to see a note next to the Vision Eternity RBA saying it is compatible with eGo-T or eGo-c Type A cartomizers. Most of the time research falls to the reader as to which items thread together neatly.

Also, I like the price of that single-battery eGo kit. With eGo batteries, a second one isn’t necessary right off the bat. They last long enough on a charge to hold you for a full day.

Raw Herb Vaporizers

It is the rare website featuring cross-over items for use with plant materials, and Bmore is one of them. They carry an S8 Personal Vaporizer; at least, they would if it was in stock.

Best Sellers

Under this heading there are 4 items, three of them e-liquids. The last one is an Aspire Nautilus with adjustable air flow. Other categories are price and manufacturer.

E-Liquid by Bmore Vapes

This is custom-blended, USA-made e-liquid under loads of headings. They have new, fruit, drink, tobacco/cigar, candy, menthol, designer, and bakery/sweets flavors of liquid. I headed to the designer section expecting to find the unusual ones there. I was not disappointed, and yet I was. This was e-cig porn pure and simple.

Just as a warning, it’s out there. Sex sells everything from running shoes to tires, including e-liquids. Avoiding XXX pictures of Smurfs I veered towards Outlaw Tobacco with an image of Clint Eastwood circa High Plains Drifter. It’s a complex, subtly sweet tobacco. Kool Moe Dee is just menthol juice in a furry sweater. Bite into Yumberry with its summery mix of raspberries and strawberries.

Return to a simpler time when you and your toddler watched cartoons in the morning and didn’t get dressed until noon. Vape Rainbow Brite (straight candy) or Daisy Duck (peach plus two other fruits plus a dollop of menthol).

Bmore Punch is a virtual fruit salad: apples, grapes, pineapple, berries, garnished with ice menthol. Honey Tobacco, Clove, and Cuban cigars are for ex-smokers who still love the warmth of tobacco. Ronald McRomney’s lightly sweet tobacco blend will forever make you think of Mitt in a clown suit, no thanks to Bmore. Peach cigars lend a new dimension to an old aroma with emotional undertones. It’s the scent of history, now with added fiber to keep you regular.

Choose a 50/50 house blend or 70/30 dominated by propylene glycol. If you want 36mg of nicotine, tick the box, but it’ll cost you $1.30 more because Bmore cares about you (and nicotine is expensive). A 5ml bottle is a wonderful addition you don’t always see, priced $2.54.