Blueprint E Juice

What is your blueprint for vaping satisfaction? Do you like to set the voltage just so for optimal performance? Is it resistance that makes the difference? More than likely you have chosen a combination of voltage and resistance plus an excellent e liquid to drip in a well-made device to get thick vapor and strong throat hit. With a fine mechanical mod and RDA, there’s no doubt you chose a worthy juice to vape. One of the juices on your “A” list could be Blueprint e liquid.

The Map to Success

Saveur Vape welcomes you to their website where Blueprint customers can take the A-Train to Park Avenue or view their Empire from above. A Blueprint e juice review takes just a few minutes’ reading since it’s a list of just five varieties: A-Train, Park Avenue, Empire, C.R.E.A.M., and Page Six.

C.R.E.A.M.: Delicious Treat

Too few vapologists tackle peanut butter, in my opinion. Then again, if I were to taste their renditions of peanut butter e liquid, I might change my mind. It’s a difficult one: potentially overpowering and rich, yet perfect as the continuo beneath competing chords of chocolate, cinnamon, fruit, etc.

Blueprint’s take on peanut butter is inspired by a chocolate bar, one that is often reviewed and generally loved by the vaping public. It’s got a high vegetable glycerin ratio according to users who witness substantial clouds and noticed muted throat hit.

Park Avenue

On a hot day, do you crave strawberry lemonade? If all you can find is iced coffee and smoothies, Park Avenue will please your palate and quench your thirst.

All Aboard the A-Train

Whether it starts in New York, Boston, or Portland, this train always lands in the tropics. A-Train tastes like mango and pineapple. It’s sweet, but not too sweet.


Pictured on the label several men are lined up on a steel girder high above a city. They survey their empire while smoking caramel apple tobacco.

Page Six

The woman in historic garb on the front of Page Six e liquid appears to like modern tea. Only in recent years have westerners fallen in love with green tea laced with fruit. Page Six tastes like raspberries, green tea, citrus, and cream.

Reviewing the Line

Looking over this luscious list of flavors, there is a trend in favor of sweet vapes. The heaviest one is C.R.E.A.M. There is one tobacco (one out of five isn’t bad). The rest are light and refreshing; suitable for all day vaping. A single 15-ml bottle will cost $12. Although this is a lot of money to pay for e liquid, it’s not unusual or unexpected for high quality juice. Their flavors contain 0 to 1.8% nicotine.

Vapers will be drawn to the subtle artistry and muted colors of their labels. Like those of the Standard (also made by Saveur Vape), each one is different; each bottle will become a collector’s item.

You can buy these online from several stores. Blueprint is also among flavors listed by ZampleBox and could turn up in your multi-pack one fine, day unless you express a strong preference for menthol.