Blue Label Elixir

Here is another company that has launched itself without a big list of products: Blue Label Elixir. They join several other companies blending juice by hand, especially in the region of Southern California, and focusing on a limited range of goods. SoCal is to e-juice what Napa is to wine.

Here is a Blue Label Elixir review giving you all I can find, which is not much. You will probably find information is more forthcoming as the company grows, although they are not brand new. Their launch date was in 2013, since which time they have done almost nothing with social media or a lot less than they could have done to spread their name around.

Ratios for Blue Label Elixir

It is always interesting to see how much propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin a company will combine. The ratio for most low-cost juice companies is about 50/50 or 60/40 (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin). As you start to explore high-end e-liquid, these ratios change direction, favoring VG instead of PG because their audience is made up of serious vapers using rebuildable atomizers and dripping atomizers. Their coils are able to withstand thick liquids that cheap clearomizers cannot handle. Blue Label Elixirs contain 30% propylene glycol, 70% vegetable glycerin, so they are ready for your RDA and prepared to give you huge clouds of vapor.

Just Three Flavors

At first, there were only two bottles to review: Frisco and Daddy’s. Even their paltry Facebook page shows just these two. Recently, Breezy was added to the menu. Let’s get into all three of them.

Frisky Frisco

Frisco is a strawberry, mango, pineapple, and raspberry e-juice: heavy on summer fruits. They are light fruits (not like blueberry and pomegranate) with a touch of tanginess to them. Just about every blend of fruits has been tried by other e-juice companies, or so I thought, but this appears to be an original blend. The closest similar product I could find was Jumanji by Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce which contains pineapple and mango.

Daddy’s Favorite

Strawberry custard with kiwi has not been done before either. You’ve seen custard and kiwi from Space Jam, and strawberry custard from loads of others. The Mitsu makes a strawberry milk e-juice with some density to it. Passion by Obsession is another type of strawberry custard. The Vapeothecary’s Bowjangles blends strawberry, custard, and cream. Those are also close to but not quite the same as Daddy’s, so if you want to approach the taste of this Blue Label Elixir before buying it, blend kiwi custard with strawberry custard and give that a try.

Easy Breezy

Daddy’s and Frisco are unique, but Breezy is not. One can just hope it is at least a different ratio of cucumber, mint, and watermelon from other types like it. I am thinking specifically of Vaper Caper’s Cucumber Mint, Melon Q by Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapes, and Jade by the Collection.

Seduce Juice also makes a similar style of juice called Nebuchadnezzar. There is a chance the type of melon each one uses is different from this or that one of them uses natural flavorings as opposed to artificial ones. Since Blue Label Elixirs are expensive, I’m hoping they justify the price with natural flavors.

Pay for your Elixir

It’s not cheap, this juice, at $22.99 for 30 ml, and that is one of the cheapest prices I have found. Some sites charged $24. I hope you are not paying for the label which, although it is pretty and unusual enough with gothic lettering, does not justify paying quite so much (usually a 30ml bottle of good stuff is $22 and that’s still a lot). Select a nicotine level: 0, 3, 6, 12, or 18 mg.