Ex-smokers are enthusiastic about Bloog. Their reviews show how much they appreciate being able to breathe again, thanks to the fact that they bought Bloog electronic cigarettes and found out that vaping could be as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable, than smoking.

Bloog was founded in 2008 by ex-smokers: a long time by industry standards. Call or email their office in New Jersey, just one of the many states where you can find Bloog products. The website for Bloog is a mixture of products and news. Find out what is going on in the e cigarette industry before settling down to research products and buy some gear.

Starter Kits

There are two styles of kits at Bloog: 808 starters (for mini e cigs) and 650mAh kits (like the eGo).

A basic starter comes with a single battery, 5 cartomizers, a wall adaptor, USB charger, and battery pouch. Right away, even before you tell me it costs $39 for this kit, I have a complaint: where’s the second battery? Do I have to buy one separately? You guessed right, and it’ll be a let-down for the new vaper who finds out he can’t vape until his one battery is charged once more. You live and learn I guess, or you buy the Deluxe Aurora kit costing $59.99. It has two batteries.

The 650 is another matter. Costing $57.99 it also comes with just one battery, but 650mAh will last all or most of a day. This kit features two 1.6ml clearomizers, a 30ml bottle of Fusion juice, and the chargers. Now you’re talking. Extra batteries cost too much on the site: $19.99 is a bit steep, but there are lots of e-tailers selling them at better prices.

Few companies sell so many types of disposable electronic cigarettes as Bloog. This Bloog E Cig review has to point it out: you can get flavors, not just tobacco and menthol. There is nicotine in them, but still flavors.


I have never seen a cigalike company produce so many flavors of cartridges, not even Volcano. They sell lots of juice, and many cartridges, but I think Bloog might have outstripped Volcano here. Not only are there loads but they’re cheaper than most: $10.99 for a package containing 5 pre-filled cartridges.

Flavors include apple, 555, Bloogberry (blueberry), cherry, grape, and coffee. Since they carry eGo units, Bloog also sells liquid such as Bogart’s Blend with earthy, spicy tobacco, and Sweet Dreams, which is all about strawberries. The RY4 is what you expect, while SP1 contains sweet almond pipe tobacco.

A 10ml bottle sells for $6.95 so they have definitely set the price low here. Vapor production on these is really good and they are affordable. Reviewers just love Bloog.

Where Can You Find Bloog Products?

Bloog is spreading across the nation and around the world. You will find products in mini-marts, smoke shops, tattoo parlors, and gas stations around Indiana, New Jersey (lots here), Missouri, Michigan, New York, and Texas. They have found their way to Sweden, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.