Bedford Slims

Brooklyn’s latest great export is Bedford Slims, a brand of electronic cigarette. Their major selling point is artistry, including some local talent.

Moreover, as the name says, these are slim cigs. The old-fashioned logo in a fancy font is suggestive of tradition and style in spite of the very modern habit it advertises.

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For anyone looking up standard sized 2 piece e-cigs, I always tell them to check out V2 cigs, our #1 pick.

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Bedford Slims Starter KitBedford Slims Review of Price

A Bedford Slims mini-kit looks inexpensive but is not as good a deal as you might first suspect. You do not receive a USB charger with your cartridges and attractive, rechargeable battery.

So, while $12 is a great price, it would be even better with that USB charger. Still, while many electronic cigarettes appear cheap, these ones are pretty to look at. Several five-star reviews bedeck the site to prove these are worthy e-cig contenders.

Brooklyn Artistry

The two basic options for the design of your e-cig batteries are stainless steel and black plaid. Right now, Bedford Slims is also offering the Brooklyn Artist Series featuring Joshua Williams and Aimée Wilder. Their bold and subtle designs respectively are featured in Vapourette Mini-Kits and regular starter kits. You can also learn more about these artists on the website.

It seems Bedford Slims is more interested in making a name for itself visually than anything else, at least for now. As reviews continue to trickle in, consumers will have a better feel for whether this artistic company produces the vapor consumers are looking for.


Your 280 mAh battery, producing 3.2 to 4.2 volts, should produce 3 hours of vaping time. On the website, you read that it takes 2 hours to recharge. Purchases come with a 30-day warranty. A white LED light glows at the tip.

Flavors on the Minimal Side

Cartridges provide around 300 puffs each and come in only 4 flavors (3 for the Mini-Kits). Clove is the fourth flavor, with menthol, tobacco, and dark roast featured in both types of set. As for nicotine, go to zero, try middle ground (12mg), or opt for full-strength (24mg.) That’s it; no incremental drop from powerful cigarettes to a smoke-free, nicotine-free life.

One advantage of these cartridges over competing brands is that they contain about one third more liquid.