Banzai Vapors

By their name you could expect to meet Banzai Vapors in Japan, but they are located in Tacoma, Washington. Banzai is the name for a company belonging to Brandon Beauchesne (a.k.a. Sensei) and Joseph Howe, two ex-heavy smokers who were excited by the prospect of replacing the unwholesome smell and taste of cigarettes with the luscious flavors of desserts and candies.

To them, finding an authentic replacement for the flavor of poison seemed like a waste of time, so they concentrated their efforts on blending juices they like. Beauchesne and Howe try them all before adding them to the list which started with 10 products and now contains 21.

BanzaiVapors.comBanzai Vapors Review: An e-Liquid Bonanza

Each bottle is fun and different, though some are loud and others simply humorous. The fixed ratio of liquids is 70% propylene glycol, 30% vegetable glycerin. Juices are available with a concentration of 0, 6, 12, 18, or 24mg of nicotine and cost $10.99 for 15mls.

Playing with an Asian Theme

Buddha Berry is a smoothie with blueberries and blackberries: no seeds. Why the Buddha? Smoothies can be pretty fattening if you get carried away, so maybe the Buddha drank too many.

A Shogun’s Legacy should be powerful, like bold tobacco with a hint of smoke and a touch of sweetness. He was someone’s son after all.

Ronin’s Reserve (calling to mind the famous Samurai) provides a unique take on RY4. It’s still caramel and vanilla tobacco, but with a Banzai twist. Sensei’s Stash (would that be Beauchesne’s own favorite?) combines melon with vanilla.

So Sweet

Radberry blends raspberry with citrus soda on ice while Tobacco with Toffee is a Scorpion apparently. Stock up on juicy summer fruits and menthol with Buicy Jooty. Peanut butter, banana, and chocolate create a Chocolate Chimp. Double Rainbow brings you tropical candy. Twinkin’ of You: did you think Twinkies were dead? Monstrosity is an energy drink and you can guess which one Banzai had in mind.

The Breakfast Club was a famous coming-of-age movie starring Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, and a few other young actors. Whatever happened to them? The Breakfast Club is also a vapor juice featuring Belgian waffles, syrup, and bacon. Bite Me could have been the motto of at least one Breakfast Club character, but at Banzai it’s a menthol and guava e-liquid.

Name Games

It’s not about playing guessing games all the time: Futterbinger couldn’t be anything but peanut butter, chocolate, and a bit of something crunchy for texture. Gooey cake gets the name Gu-Kake: you thought it was pronounced the Japanese way, didn’t you? So did I. They’re clever around these parts. It is the same with Let’s Get Fizzykol, honoring Olivia Newton John with vanilla and cola. I wonder what the voice behind the hit “Physical” thinks about that?

On with the Show

That’s it. Banzai sells e-liquid, not vaping pens or batteries. They do not carry vape tanks, chargers, or atomizers. A heading at the bottom of the page where the site map is suggests they might do, one day, but not right now.

That’s why there are no corresponding headings at the top of the page. The company ships within the United States and all shipping details are laid out on the site for anyone to read.

Customers can sign up for a newsletter to find out what’s new with Joe and Brandon; the flavors they are currently trying to create and when they anticipate release. Maybe catch up on some vaping news in general.

Wholesale buyers: there is an opportunity here to buy good quality juice with tongue-in-cheek names and not bad prices. Vaping 101 is taught on the site. You don’t have to enroll for online classes, thought I cannot guarantee the Sensei’s personal attention. He is kind of busy.