B.R.V. E Juice

Most e juice you can buy right now is sold at a tremendously high price for a profit. Many vapor juice makers are taking advantage of huge demand to add enormous price tags to their products, and most of the time vapers should vote with their feet by purchasing high-quality, affordably priced stuff somewhere else. Not with B.R.V. E Juice: this is the one time customers should not resent paying a little bit more.

brvliquids.comHow Much More?

That depends on the vendor, although I have seen it priced about the same as top-shelf products (around $12 for 15 ml) or less. The thing is, Vape a Vet released this juice for the good of a vulnerable group of men and women who often turn to cigarettes in their line of work: members of the military, veterans, and their families at home.

Vape A Vet Project

Will Cohen’s brother started smoking at the end of basic training according to the Vape a Vet website. Cohen had discovered e cigs and knew that they could prevent his brother from developing the debilitating illness associated with smoking. That’s when he decided to bring his brother an e cig starter kit and get him hooked on vaping.

It worked; Will Cohen’s brother gave up smoking cigarettes, but his success spurred a bigger goal: to offer the same home to every American soldier, veteran, or civilian spouse hooked on tobacco. Vape a Vet was born. B.R.V. is their e juice line and also a means of making money to fund the purchase of starter kits to be shipped to all of these individuals from green soldiers to aging veterans.

Where is B.R.V. Sold?

The website is not a sales page. They only work with wholesale clients directly. Otherwise, there are plenty of places to buy B.R.V.’s nine flavors and also some internet vendors.

Distribution is strangely divided between southwestern states like Arizona and California, Texas, and states along the bottom and eastern rim (Florida, Alabama, Missouri, and Kentucky). There is nowhere to buy this product along the central, northern west coast, or most of the northern states like Montana and Wyoming. Maybe that gap is being filled as we speak.

Products in the Line

These brown glass bottles come in 30-ml format, are made in the USA using lab-grade ingredients, and are available in 9 flavors. Anchors Aweigh tastes like sweet exotic fruit. Shore Leave is a blend of sweet and tart fruits. Try Air Pear, Colonel Custard, or Miliberry. Chesty’s Punch is a sweet, tangy offering. With Care Package vapors enjoy tropical fruit drizzled in cream. Get your chocolate fix with Pogey Bait. Rendova tastes like coconut with menthol.

I love that names and the label all force the consumer to remember what they are vaping and why. They are enjoying top-class vapor but also supporting vets. While some of the names are obscure to the uninitiated, Shore Leave and Anchors Aweigh are obvious reminders of who you are vaping for. So when the FDA conducts a B.R.V. e juice review, let’s hope Vape a Vet’s fundraising project isn’t among the casualties of e juice regulation.