Azure Vaping

Rob at Azure Vaping pays tribute to the help of his sister Kelly, his partner in commerce; the person who contributed business acumen to Rob’s e liquid mixing talents and vaping knowledge. Theirs looks like a successful partnership. He also pays tribute to the vaping community which embraced him from the very beginning, when he attended a vape meet as a DIY supplier several years ago.

The name Azure was merely chosen to stand out from other titles, there being so many that sound alike and confuse consumers. Azure is an online shop and a physical store located in York, Pennsylvania.

azurevaping.comAn Azure Vaping Review

Since January of 2010, Rob has been blending juices to satisfy his tastes in juice and experimenting with the sorts that make for a commercially viable assortment of 100 styles. He has had five years now to perfect his talents.

All bottles are premixed, meaning he does not make them to order. He has chosen the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio which, in his experience, seems to work best to produce vapor, throat hit, and great flavor without being too thick or too watery.

Today the menu includes a host of fruits, desserts, and tobacco-style vapes. Maple Bacon does not fit any of those categories, but it sounds good and I can smell that sweet fatty combination cooking right now. Yet, if I vaped maple bacon, there would be no calorific consequences: yeah for Azure Vaping.

Vapes like lemonade, frothy toffee coffee, Morley Tobacco, and Strawberry Shortcake are transparent. Strawberry Shortcake is more than cake and strawberries: there is a layer of whipped cream in there too, but you would expect that. Morley rings a bell with anyone who used to smoke that brand of cigarettes.

Forbidden Fruit will remind you of exotic passion fruit and guava, not apple if you were wondering. Blueberry cotton candy turns fruit into spun candy with a sticky flavor. Chocolate caramel is another of those obvious ones, like almond macaroon. Apricot blossom should give off some fruit but also floral undertones. Peppermint Patricia (Patty for short) would be chocolate and mint.

Select 0.8% or 1.6% nicotine, an unimpressive selection of strengths. I cannot understand a selection like this except to wonder if they represent light and regular cigarettes.

The smallest bottle, for $4, is 7mls (not great, not bad). The best value is reserved for wholesale customers picking up 120mls of e-liquid to stock a vape bar or for in-shop blending. This is a common method of blending: choosing someone else’s liquid and making it one’s own, or selling it as a distributor.

Customers planning to blend at home or the shop should also check out the DIY section at Azure Vaping. This section contains tools such as pipettes and bottles, unflavored bases, pure tobacco absolute (with or without ethanol), menthol drops and crystals, and ethyl maltol.

That is the primary ingredient in cotton candy vapes, apparently. Flavor concentrates fall under fruit, chocolate and sweets, novelty, tobacco, coffee and tea, bar (cocktails), bakery, and gourmet headings.

Hardware at Azure Vaping

Rob and Kelly carry a decent list of products because it’s not Azure Vapor but Azure Vaping. Their stock could be bigger in my opinion. Azure carries kits, atomizers and cartomizers, eGo devices, drip tips, mods, tanks, rechargeable batteries, and other miscellaneous parts; just not loads of them.

The one drip tip is a $3 generic Delrin in spite of the countless colors, shapes, and materials currently available. The one starter kit is a Vision eGo for $55 with two batteries, four clearomizers, a charger, and a case.

Rechargeable batteries include the Carapax eGo 900mah which I’ve never heard of. It costs $17 available in black, blue, orange, red, pink, and green. A black eGo mini, 350mAh, costs $14. The Smok eGo Passthrough battery, 900mAh, is $20. I’m happy with the prices overall.

You will find a CE2 Tank Carto, single coil, for $3: excellent. Vision eGo Clearomizers cost $5. Again, customers are getting bargains by shopping here.

For mods, there are three iTaste varieties. This is the brand I see most often from stores that carry a wide range of products but nothing too expensive or complicated. They are not as risky to carry as mechanical mods from Vicious Ant or Madz Modz being lower in price and made by Innokin, a huge company able to deal with returns and warranty issues.

As for Stock

Stock did not look like an issue at Azure. If there were loads of “out of stock” notices, I overlooked them. What I did see was a notice to customers that the shop gets first stock. In other words, customers to the physical outlet are the priority.

So, if you can’t find something online it might be in the store. Will they take it out of the store stock to mail to customers? I don’t know about that. Shops have individual policies in that regard.