Awesome Vapor

Personal notes from loyal customers tell internet readers that Awesome Vapor is a good place to shop for e liquid. They make e liquid to order, so it takes a couple of days before your order will be shipped, and shipping only takes place Monday through Friday. Shipping fees are a flat $5.00 or $25.00 express. This is a family-run business keen to get your custom and keep it by giving great service.

Try a single liquid or order a pack of ten sample liquids. This sample package costs $17 and is a good bargain, not to mention a tasty way to try juices before committing to a big bottle. Their regular-sized bottles are $8 each for 18ml: an unusual volume, and a great price. Awesome Vapor also makes organic e liquid for a bit more money. The organic sample kit is $25.

Varieties of juice include one I have never seen before: strawberry banana milkshake. They also carry Cuban cigar plus lots more interesting and delicious flavors, many of which you have seen or even tried from other juice companies before. Awesome Vapor makes them with up to 36mg of nicotine. This highest amount is only recommended for mixing your own liquids.

Awesome Vapor carries 4 kits. An eGo Mini ViVi Nova, eGo Rodux, or eGo Vision package will cost you $57. The fourth, a mini e cig more like a regular cigarette in appearance, costs $46. Besides generic stock, they also sell Joye, Smoktech, and more.

The kits include two batteries, a fast charger, USB, and an 18ml bottle of liquid.

It is really great to see a company proactively soliciting customer opinions about products. Getting an honest review is good for everyone.

First of all, Awesome Vapor wants to know how to improve service and what they are doing well. Secondly, if a product routinely gets a thumbs-down from clients, it might be time to ax it from the line-up. Thirdly, there is the tendency for customers to report their findings on forums rather than going straight to the supplier, criticizing behind the e-tailer or retailer’s back. If they know something is wrong, they can fix your problem.

This way, you get to experience Awesome Vapor’s personalized service. You also do not lose money on a product that is worthless to you.