Avid Vaper

Are you an avid vaper? If so, there’s a shop in Westbury, New York, with your name on it. Avid Vaper supplies mods, e cigs, parts, and e liquid from a user-friendly but characterless website which is nothing special but totally functional, like the products they sell. Everything about them is average, except the fact that they sell Atmistique parts. You don’t see that on every e cig website.

avidvaper.comSupport from Avid Vaper

If you need to get in touch with Avid Vaper for some reason, they use the ticket system. This is just the same as saying “first-come, first-served,” which is what all companies should do. They aim to get back to customers within 24 hours.

Complete Product Categories

Website headings are starter kits, mods, atomizers, tanks, RBA’s and accessories, cartomizers and cartridges, drip tips, clearomizers, e liquid, DIY supplies, drip tips and shields. Atmistique gets its own heading. That covers just about everything.

The DIY section contains droppers, blunt needles, tapered tips, and mixes. Buy USP kosher vegetable glycerin and mixing bases with propylene glycol, VG, and ethanol that are ready to go.

Note that a lot of customers don’t want ethanol in their juice, so if you planned to buy this for making commercial juice, give that some thought. If it’s for your own use, then be aware that ethanol lends a sharp, medicinal taste to juice if you aren’t used to it.

For New Vapers

Disposable mini cigs sold at Avid Vaper cost $6.99 each: not bad, not special. For a great deal, something to give a friend who still smokes, pick up a Boge starter kit. This blister pack contains three cartomizers, a USB charger, one battery, and comes in 5 possible flavors (vanilla, menthol, and one of three tobacco styles) for $12.99. That’s not a typo. The usual starter kit costs at least a few dollars more with 2 cartomizers and you only get the choice of tobacco or menthol.

For starter kits besides the Boge above, one option from Avid Vaper is a JoyeTech 510. A lot of people skip mini cigs and start with his particular configuration and brand because it is reliable, inexpensive, and more efficient than most mini cigs without being complicated or large.

Other kits are the Kanger Evod, a KR808 unit, Brother, Leo, Lea, and Riva. They are ideal for people who don’t have any equipment yet: no chargers, batteries, cartomizers, or adapters.

More Serious Stuff

Innokin supplies their popular iTaste SVD or there is an A606 Varivolt Personal Vaporizer for $59.99. Choose a JoyeTech eGo-T 18650 in various colors for $24.99. That’s a good price for getting started with electronic mods, while both Innokin and JoyeTech are reliable firms.

Cartos come from Boge, Joye, Royal Smokers, Kanger, and there is a generic 510. It’s fun to see a site veer away from all the known names just a little, experimenting with lesser-known companies to provide pricing variety.

Kanger features here too, another name considered top-notch yet affordable in the e cig business. Pick up their Air Flow Control Valve. Models of dripping atomizers are the Torch, Venus, A622 Dual Coil, and Vision Eternity. None of them is above $30.


What’s so special about Atmistique?

They are boutique electronic cigarette devices made in small numbers. If you can’t find one, it’s no wonder: neither can most people, but Avid Vaper has them in stock. You will find the Diver and a Grail.

The long, slim Diver costs $69.99 and Avid Vaper sells parts for rebuilding them, such as ceramic cups and a center pin. A Grail 306V is short and squat for $54.99. The Diver-style Grail costs $39.99.

Avid Vaper Review: Liquid

Besides flavorless liquid, Avid Vaper sells its own brand and just a few imported flavors as well. The imported bottles cost $5.99 for 10mls in 1.1% to 3.6% of nicotine: no zero, and just 12 basic types. Star ratings below them show these are pretty average; nothing special and no unusual flavors or blends.

It looks like the 29 Avid Vaper flavors are also solid but not ground-breaking. There are some really good ones and some terrible varieties according to reviews, but overall the brand is average for a high price: $7.99 for 10mls.

Avid e liquid is made in the US with USP ingredients, natural and artificial flavors, and up to 2.4% nicotine with a zero-nic option. That helps to explain pricing, and yet it doesn’t. Lots of firms manage the same standards for less.

Some of their products are root beer, raspberry, RY4, Hardcore apple, Key lime, and toasted coconut. It’s an antidote to lists of 100 and more that threaten to unhinge anyone unable to make simple decisions.

Some Final Words

This is a global company, and the dour professionalism of the site gave me the impression of a firm focused on reaching the average customer, including potential business partners and distributors. Although the colorfulness of some e-cig and e-liquid websites can go too far, and so can some of the suggestive flavor names, Avid Vaper veers too sharply the other way.

Everything you want to know is listed online so they strike a thorough picture compared to some inadequate websites that need filling. There’s nothing mysterious about them, and there shouldn’t be. You are using an unregulated product: the firm does a good job of covering itself against accusations that they weren’t forthcoming about risks and dangers.

Video tutorials posted online give newbies and learning vapers a chance to pick up new skills.