With a title like Atmizoo, you’d expect a review to sound like something Dr. Seuss would have written. Atmizoo went to Calimaloo to buy some shoe goo for Rue, etc. That would belittle the achievement of Atmizoo which, however unfortunate its name, is a really good product arriving from Greece.

Greek Legends

Along with their ancient mythology, Greece can now add Atmizoo mods to its long list of legends. The Roller, Dingo, Bayou, and Guppy are sturdy, beautiful mods. Vapers struggle to understand why they are not as well known and loved as they deserve.

Not too many retailers carry Atmizoo products. Maybe this Atmizoo review will help pave the way for greater curiosity, as long as the company can keep up with demand. Constantly lacking stock can sometimes get in the way of product popularity.

Good Stock Levels

In the case of Atmizoo, stock levels are really good. Even though they are European imports, not made in massive amounts, there is enough to go around. After all, at prices well over $100 just for the mod, only serious vapers are buying products like these.

The Mods

Meet the Roller: not a baking pin for flattening pastry but a telescopic mod with a top-side-mounted switch. It’s ready to accept lots of battery sizes and sells for around $160 retail.

Next up is the Dingo which, according to experts, is exactly the same in every way except that it does not extend to accept different batteries. This unit on its own sells for about $140. You can increase this substantially by adding a recessed connector so your 510 tank sits properly with the base.

The Bug

Use the Bug to protect the batteries of your 18000-series mods. It’s a neat little device that prevents damage caused by short-circuits, over-charge, etc.

Interesting Site

I was intrigued by Atmizoo’s website. From here I can discover which mods are available, being developed, or were developed and abandoned. That’s not important, but interesting nonetheless. Not wanting to pay in Euros, I was relieved to discover that there is a U.S. distribution office.