Alt Smoke

When I first visited Alt Smoke website, I was under the impression that this was another mainstream ecig brand. The feature images on the first page at least indicated that Alt Smoke is a brand that produces its own ecigs.

Alt SmokeBut another few seconds in, I realized that this was not an ecig brand but an ecig super store that carries most ecig things advanced users like to get their hands on.

Official Website:

Just like any other ecig super store, Alt Smoke has laid down a very generic website that lists most of its popular products on the home page. You can find the navigation menu on the top as usual and navigate to the specific things you are looking for.

Alt Smoke carries a lot of things. You can find APVs from Silver bullet, JoyeTech, Kanger, SmokeTech and many other names. This store definitely is high on variety and is targeted towards ecig users who like to customize their ecigs, particularly those who use tank systems, which is why you will easily find components like cartomizers, atomizers, cleanomizers, tanks and drip tips. You can also find some pen style models to play around with but the site is high on tank systems.

If You Are Looking For Advanced Personal Vaporizers

One up and coming company who is doing a killer line of products is VaporZone. I always suggest them to anyone looking up upgraded e-cigs.

One huge plus is you buy direct from the company. Another is that they have a sick line of e-juice which is completely customizeable!

Their site:

The prices on Alt Smoke are a tad bit higher than other super stores. We noticed that some of the products were way high off than the rest of the stores. But what sets this store apart is its discount offers. If you are clever and your timing is right, you can score a pretty good deal without much effort.

Apart from other similarities shared with other ecig super stores, one thing really makes Alt Smoke stand out. You can find reviews of each product lined out before you can buy it. This really helps you in deciding what to get.