All About Vapor

Getting a sense of what All About Vapor is like as a shop is not easy with the conflicting reports assailing any researcher. If you just glanced at the first three impressions on a review page, you might think they are great in every way.

Take a longer look and there are different impressions that confuse matters. As far as Texas vape shops go, All About Vapor is one of the most popular. But that can be a double-edged sword as this All About Vapor review will reveal.

allaboutvapor.comThe Trouble with Busy

What happens when a shop is so popular that everyone gets the news and visits at the same time? The shop becomes too busy for its own good.

All About Vapor has opened a shop in Round Rock and another in Austin, but this does not appear to have helped much with lineups, at least not as far as the reports say. Some people have simply walked out.

Others love the place so much they are prepared to stand there for and chat with other customers. Attitude and priorities make a big difference to how you feel about line-ups.

If you can stand the wait, which runs from 20 minutes to over an hour, then All About Vapor is apparently worth it most of the time. Customers take a number and are served in numerical order.

Few customers were concerned about customer service, feeling they were treated with respect by employees who truly understand the field. Most people were pleased with their experience, commenting that clerks go beyond what is necessary to make loyal customers out of newbies.

Pros and Cons

Apart from the points mentioned above, the physical store has other good and bad points. The first pro is the smell: like a bakery, or some other place that customers associate with pleasant aromas. It will hit you right away. Another pro is that juice is mixed on the premises, so it is fresh. Their shop is visually attractive, especially compared to many bare-bones spots where appearances are secondary at best.

Having juice mixed at the store can also be a negative because different people are responsible for mixing and their methods are not the same. Juice flavors will be inconsistent over time.

Staff members appear to be very helpful towards new vapers. Their knowledge and patience goes a long way towards turning hesitant customers into converts who give up cigarettes as a result.

Staff levels are usually pretty good though there is only so much room behind the counter. It would help to have a separate vaping bar rather than letting customers try a selection of e-liquids when their turn comes up, but that is difficult to regulate, and vapers are only allowed a limited number of samples.

All About Vapor Vapors

All About Vapor sells its own juice, e-liquids by Mad Alchemist, Halo Premium juices, Jackson Vapor Co., G2, and Select Reserve. All Select Reserve juices appear to come from someone called Tark who names them after historical figures, events, and cultures.

Maghrib is an exotic north-African vape featuring dried fruit. Aztec tastes like vanilla custard. Troy and Rasputin are two others. Select Reserve is priced $18.95 and comes in 6, 12, or 18mg of nicotine.

All About Vapor’s own juices include Carnival Games smelling of kettle corn and Extreme Heat, a triple cinnamon and cool menthol knockout. They charge $2.95 for 5mls, perfect for trying a few new flavors at a time. All About Vapor provides up to 36mg of nicotine. These are just a handful of the 310 types of e-liquid carried at All About Vapor for assorted prices and in various bottle sizes.

Buying Hardware

The All About Vapor shop also carries JoyeTech, Kanger, and Innokin starter kits. At first glance, their prices appeared inflated. But I was comparing them to sparse kits offered by competitors. All About Vapor pads theirs a bit more. Kits include the Innokin A10 PCC for $64.95. They also have an Evod package and an iClear 16 kit among others. Pricing is okay.

Tank Systems

You can pick up a Kanger Evod BCC for $6.95, which is an excellent price. All About Vapor also sells SmokeTech eGo Mega DCC tanks, the Boge Single Coil cartomizer, SmokeTech Locking Jugz and the same company’s Pyrex Jugz (pricier tanks).

This line up includes old favorites and unexpected additions, something every company should provide. When clients are looking for hard-to-find items, they locate what they want and could be persuaded to get everything from the same place if prices are decent and shipping is quick.

Unusual Pieces

That goes for things like Jugz mentioned above, as well as the M-Tank for Kayfun and Russian 91% or a Killer V2 replacement ceramic cup. The latter item only costs $0.50, but making the sale could be an inroad to bigger sales in the future. You hardly ever see these products online elsewhere.

A Lotus Flower drip tip is beautiful enough to give as a gift. Though it is priced $6.95, there are cheaper, standard drip tips costing less than $3.

Chargers and More

Carrying a few niche pieces is very good, but the standard items must also be available if you are going to attract a wide audience. Find a car adaptor from JoyeTech, their USB eGo and 510 adaptors, or pick up an eGo pass-through cable at All About Vapor.

Online Ordering

While much of the information regarding All About Vapor talks about their real stores and the juice they sell, many clients select the online option and order goods from half a country away.

Many consumers from the Austin or Round Rock area will order online for in-person pick up or place an order and save money on shipping by timing an order for their next trip to the area. They sometimes encounter problems with stock, though.

Carefully note the location you have chosen for pick up. If you select Round Rock and go to Austin, you still have to visit Round Rock to collect your goods. No concession will be made for choosing the wrong shop.

Read before you click. Also, be aware that the Round Rock shop recently moved. Get the new address before taking the trip.