Alien Vapor

When I visit Alien Vapor, it feels like I have left Earth and gone to a wacky new planet. In fact, the website gets wackier all the time. It was always a bit busy, but now there is so much going on a customer might wonder if this is a business or a party.

Let’s just say the site is trying to do too much at once, and although I love the color and fun that comes across, Alien Vapor could tone things down just a little bit. I would be curious what it’s like to work there though.

AlienVapor.comHow the Website is Organized

Here is what you see when you visit the home page. Down the right is a list of top-selling items, which were various juices when I visited. The famous Boba’s County was number one, with Superskunk and Wacky Tobacky (two marijuana flavors) close behind.

Categories were listed down the left. Most of them were categories of e-liquids, but there was a heading for DIY supplies and one for atomizers. Below headings there was a map of the world with little dots showing locations of online visitors and the statement that Alien Vapor ships to over 240 countries. I did not know there were that many countries in the world, but it could be a trick.

At the top there are loads of pictures competing for your attention: Superskunk across from the Alien Vapor logo, and an emblem stating they offer free shipping on orders worth $75 or more. If you only order a couple of flavors at once, it could take some creativity to achieve $75, but friends could get together and place group orders. The font across this top panel was like disco lights unraveled into writing. If not for the chaos, I would have loved that font.

Beneath all of this was a caterpillar promoting marijuana-flavored e-liquid. Below that were a bunch more featured items. See what I mean: it’s a bit much to take in, especially with all of those stoned Smurfs prancing around. Imagine if you really were smoking weed when you pulled up this site: you’d probably decide then and there to give it up.

DIY Products and One Stop Shopping

You can buy the ingredients to make e-liquid and tools all in the same place, which is a good way to make it to a $75 bill. Otherwise, juice is just too darn inexpensive. Flavorings are supplied by Area 51 and represent the headings of Alien Visions e-liquid: Fruit Flavors, Candy/Novelty, Food/Baked Goods/Desserts, Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Drinks, Menthol/Mint, Marijuana, and Tobacco.

I’d be at a loss to imagine why anyone would want to blend their own juice from flavors Alien Vapor already makes when its much less mess and no work at all to buy them ready made. Yet there is a DIY guru inside all of us yearning to get out in one way or another, and the chance to blend e-liquid is sometimes what calls that guru out into the open.

Nicotine is sold with DIY products in concentrations of up to 100mg, but there’s no marijuana here, just cannabis flavoring. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are also on the list, plus dropper bottles, syringes, and blunt needles in multiple sizes.

Atomizers at Alien Vapor

You’ve probably never seen an atomizer like the 3.5ml Clear Giant before unless you always shop at Alien Vapor, in which case you might already know that they sell out rapidly. There were none available when I visited. The built-in LED light is white, but the atomizer is clear so when you puff and the light turns on, the color you see is that of your e-liquid, which seems to be glowing.

Type B eGo-T atomizers and 510 low-resistance cartridges are among the other few items under this heading. Purchase an eGo Vision CE5 Clearomizer here too. There were no problems with prices but very little selection, not that Alien Vapor was brought into being to provide atomizers and tanks.

An Alien Vapor Review: E-Liquid

A 10ml bottle of Alien Vapor liquid costs $6.99, so it’s not the cheapest vapor juice planet to visit, nor is it the most expensive. You can probably call it the most irreverent though as they boldly proclaim the creation of their several marijuana-flavored e-liquids.

One of them contains brownie flavoring which might send you looking for “TAXI” re-runs on YouTube. Remember the crazy dude’s story? Vape up to 36mg of nicotine, add extra flavor, order a hit of sweetener, and choose your PG/VG balance. Other sizes are 20, 30, and 120mls.

Fruits are the usual, plus some less usual species: huckleberry, logan berry, and even mandarin orange. The sweets include a grape hard candy, candy corn, and English Toffee. Try various pies and cheesecakes, popcorn, or Fluffernutter (peanut butter marshmallow) under Food, etc.

Soft Drinks include birch beer, cucumber mint, grape soda, and Xana Dew. Order Galliano at the bar (you know, the yellow one that sits there for years), select an Irish Cream, Jamaican Rum, or Spiced Rum.

Menthol selections are not inspired, but you know where you stand with mild, medium or mania menthol. Honeywood, blueberry, maple rum, and Gorilla Juice are four Alien Vapor tobacco varieties.

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