Adirondack Vapor

As the name should indicate, Adirondack Vapor comes from the mountains of New York. The company is a relative newcomer, but internet reviews are already thick with positives which should give the firm an early boost. This Adirondack Vapor review will focus on juice, but there is more in store from the Adirondacks.

AdirondackVapor.comAn HCigar Distributor

You have probably heard of HCigar if you like mechanical mods, but hate paying full price for them. HCigar makes clones, like the Aqua Atomizer Clone for $38.99 made of stainless steel with adjustable air flow and four juice channels. Notice the silver-plated contact pins and 510 threading: great for compatibility.

A Nemesis Clone costs $39.99, there’s a Kayfun 3.1 clone, Omega dripping atomizer clone ($29.99), and others with the same HCigar label. As you can see, prices for clones are a lot lower than those for full-price, authentic mods, and Adirondack Vapor costs are competitive.

EVOD and More

Starter kits supplied at Adirondack Vapor start at $18 and go up to over $30. They include EVOD kits and a Kanger EVOD VV starter package with a 510 connection, priced $30.99 with an atomizer, battery, charger, and 18mls of Summit Line e-liquid in whatever flavor and strength you choose.

The battery is 1000mAh and threads are 510/eGo for flexible accessorizing. It’s a great touch adding liquid. A lot of companies do and lots of firms do not, but it seems like a sensible customer-service move; a wise marketing choice.

A Kanger Mini Protank II for $13.99 is listed here, a choice that shows the owners’ good sense. Kanger is a reliable product and top seller. The products listed fit together because of compatible threading.

Atomizer heads cost from $1.49 and up. Sony batteries are listed too. Adirondack Vapor manages to maintain good pricing but does not claim to carry a huge selection of hardware, so don’t go looking. They have their eyes on juice.

Feelings about Selection

Will this stop you from shopping here?

If you are in the market for a new vaping device, yes, you will be put off by lack of choice. If, however, you are tired of the juice you currently vape, then Adirondack Vapor will not let you down. Their website is well organized so it will not take long to discover if they carry the products on your shopping list. The set up is highly professional; crisp, clean, and user-friendly.

E-Liquid from the Summit Line

When you see green square dropper bottles, you know you are looking at Summit Line juices. They come in 6ml, 18ml, or 30ml sizes (the last one with a 6ml sample). Pay $3.99 for 6mls. That is a weird jump: 6ml to 18ml.

Not sure what that will mean for customers used to buying 10mls at a time, but they often wish companies would sell smaller bottles and not go right to 10 and 15mls, so the 6ml bottle is great. You can try something without having to buy a big bottle which might go down the drain.

Most popular flavors include Placid, Champlain, and Ticonderoga. Placid blends honeysuckle with pear, strawberry, and lime. Customers are warned to use it with a glass tank as it will probably crack your plastic one, and that warning shows up more than once. It’s nice of the company to tell you without having to be asked. Order up to 24mg of nicotine and a ratio of 50/50 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol or 30/70 either way.

Ticonderoga mixes elderberry, apple, and other berries. Champlain is a sweet mint with a hint of apricot. Stanwix mixes cocoa, chocolate and tobacco. Miracle on Ice pays tribute to the 1980 hockey team with a red, white, and blue combo (coconut and berries). Summit juices are complex compared to Base Camp flavors.

Most of their flavors are refreshing and fruity. There is a notable lack of tobacco though. While many customers switch to fruity e-liquid eventually, it would be good to see at least one or two tobaccos.

Base Camp Juice

Now you have a different juice bottle: round, amber, but in the same sizes and prices. These are simpler flavors: watermelon, watermelon ice, strawberry, and root beer float offer a sample of what they have to offer. Go for vanilla bourbon and put it on ice by adding menthol to your order. Try grape juice, a cinnamon bun, or butterscotch candy.

Customers’ Experiences

At this point, customers are happy with Adirondack Vapor. They are enjoying great service and they like the selection. One thing that consumers like about the e-liquid is that there are no preservatives or chemicals, just USP-grade ingredients.

They are made to order, not left sitting around, and not in plastic bottles either (except 6ml samples). Plastic leaves a tint of something synthetic behind it, but glass does not affect purity of flavor. Nicotine is sourced from within the United States.

Wholesale prices are on the table for any business person who wants to be a distributor.