777 E Cigs

Burbank in California is home to 777 E Cigs, a store which sells in person and by internet. In-person experiences indicate that the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If experiences are great face-to-face, that bodes well for online customer service. Good quality staff really makes a store and are as important as the quality of their products.

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777ecigs.comCustomers appreciate being able to enter the shop and ask lots of questions before buying products. They also appreciated the chance to try vapors and choose flavors they might like. Clients feel 777 prices are inexpensive.

The Triple Seven Bullet Essentials Starter Kit is not just a mouthful, but should produce a mouthful of vapor. While not exactly an eGo in battery size (320mAh), it is a little better than a standard e cig. Priced $29.95, the kit comes with a 1.3ml tank, wall charger, and one battery. This is decent, though not earth-shattering.

$49.95 gets you a second tank and a second battery, plus the wall charger. You can select a color for each battery from black, stainless, blue, and pearl. Without e liquid, I think this could be a lower price, or maybe 777 would consider adding a small bottle for the price.

An important highlight of this quick review is that customers love their performance, and sometimes those lower-priced gizmos do not produce the vapor you want.

A Mini Kit is more what you would expect from an Express in price and contents. About $20 gives you the choice of one battery in camo, pink, black, white, or pink. You get a single short automatic battery and two flavor cartridges. This is a regular e cig, whereas the bullet is more like a beginner’s tank system.

Triple Seven carries a load of flavors without becoming a vapor store carrying over 100 of them. The four nicotine levels only climb to 1.8%, though. Tastes include caramel, Gold 7 tobacco, Italian Crème, and watermelon.