3D Vapor

It would be logical to imagine 3D stands for 3-dimensional. But in this case, 3D is short for the names of three men: a man and his sons. This is a 3D Vapor review, looking at the company, their flavors of e-juice, and other products.

3dvaporllc.comWhere is 3D Vapor LLC from?

You will find 3D Vapor by visiting the state of Illinois. They have shops in both Edwardsville and East Alton. Unfortunately, the owners have not chosen to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau and there is not a lot of information about them online.

As a result, the BBB can only give 3D Vapor a B- as a result of one closed complaint. With more details, the bureau would adjust their grade up or down.

View so Far

As I said, there is not a lot of information available online. What little you will find indicates that employees are knowledgeable about their subject.

Do not take this for granted folks. Lots of staff members at e cig stores appear to know very little, even less than their customers. Another worrying issue with some firms is pushy up-sales, and I see no mention of that problem here.

Visit one of their stores any day from Monday to Saturday after 10am and until 6pm, 8pm, or 10pm according to the day.

Products for Sale at 3D Vapor

Customers will find a wide selection of products at 3D Vapor such as batteries, tanks, mods, APVs, and accessories. Devices are chosen by Heather and Dan (one of the 3 D’s) Reinke; ex-smokers who wanted customers to have more choice and better prices in the way of e cig products without having to drive very far to get them.

Contact Heather and Dan by way of an onsite contact form: that’s all I found anyway. No phone number, although visiting in person is an option for locals with questions or complaints.

The Website

A great website is not the most important thing in the world. You can have a successful company and win customers just through word of mouth or a Facebook page without even trying to post a website. When you do go to this trouble, however, it had better be good. An unprofessional impression is worse than no impression at all.

The website for 3D Vapor is one of the worst I have ever seen. You cannot use it. I’m not sure if visitors have to register before the headings will open up for them. Nothing worked for me so I could not even browse products for prices, stock levels, and selection.

E-Liquids by 3D Vapors

That being said, I did discover a few things about their flavors, such as the fact that they use only USDA food grade ingredients. Selection is decent and prices are good. They do not order anything from China or the internet. Heather and Dan go right to the source for their products so there is no extra markup from the middle man and no chance of being sold goods that are not authentic.

Popular flavors from 3D Vapor include a 618 Blend, Turkish Honey, and Kinky (strawberry with watermelon and a touch of champagne). They sell 8 tobacco and four menthol e-liquids as well.

Final Impressions

I can’t say a lot about a company that makes it nearly impossible to browse or order from their stock, at least for now. There is a good chance, though, that a poor first impression reflects the early days of a company just getting its feet wet.

With time and some constructive criticism, vapers all over the United States will be exposed to 3D Vapor via a better website. At that point, the products will speak for themselves.