My 310Vapers review wants more to work with. Owners of 310Vapers are certainly biased towards a particular type of e cigarette, but the general vaper needs more selection.

310Vapers.comThis site is clearly not for newbs, which does show an air of confidence, as if most visitors know what they are there to buy.

When you look at the site, you’ll see how the main menu is certain names etc. You may not know what they are names of if you aren’t familiar with advanced vaping devices.

They do also have some nice looking e-liquid bottles like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and we’ve tried Vape Goddess juice, which is quite tasty!

VaporZone Air kitBefore we get into the various MODS offered here, I thought I’d tell you about my favorite brand in this sector.  

It’s called Vapor Zone, and they are made by the big and powerful International Vapor Group, maker’s of Ever Smoke and South Beach Smoke.  

Vapor Zone is their foray into the MODS and tanks sector, and they also offer custom e-liquid making, so you can literally made your own e-juice. Pictured here is their Air kit. It is also quite newb friendly.

I urge you to read the Vapor Zone review before you go much further.  You can thank me later!

Or check them out at: http://vaporzone.com


Mostly what you get at 310Vapers are hybrids. They reappear over and over in Macaveli, Orion, and Vapor Craze models. Hybrids are combinations of more than one type of mod, and the maker can decide what that means. In any case, 310Vapers carries a lot of them.

For instance, view the Vapor Craze Black Noble Hybrid for $150.00. A description below the item fails to explain what makes this a hybrid item, so I guess you have to know before you look at it. Lots of vapers do know what they want before they shop, which is good. That way you can tell whether or not $150.00 is a decent price.

The VC Hybrid noted above does sound pretty swish, with its airplane grade aluminum body which is powerful but also light. Customers don’t get much for their money. Liquid, batteries, and mesh wire must be purchased separately. Purchasers seem to love theirs though.


If you do not mind cheeky and slightly inappropriate titles for your e liquids, you will not get bored with names for juice. I’m no prude, but the humor wears off after a little while (Big Melons, Spank the Monkey, Juicy Booty).

Prepare to buy in 30ml format, but pay a low price: about $15 for most flavors. I looked up a menthol version called Blizzard, available in 6mg increments of nicotine up to 24mg or 0%. The one that caught my eye, Scooby Snacks, costs $22 for the same amount and comes in 5mg, 10mg, or zero nicotine. This one is beautiful to look at with yellow at the bottom fading to green and then blue. These colors represent banana liqueur, coconut, and melon which look yummy enough to drink.

Though the price is good, options are few. What if I want to try a Chi Chi before buying a big bottle? Selection is okay: there could be more flavors. I’m not sure that 310Vapers has finished growing yet.

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