Vapir NO2

Vapir, a company known in the industry as digital aromatherapy experts, has been making vaporizers for almost 2 decades and was incorporated in California in 2006. The Vapir N02 is not from those early days but is a second edition of their portable vaporizer. You can buy it directly from Vapir NO2 but loads of retailers carry it for purchase in their stores or over the internet. It’s one of the most popular of its kind and also comes with a few surprises.

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Vapir NO2Dual Use

While the black Vapir NO2 is a direct draw vaporizer, it can be used portably or consumers can plug it into the wall. The choice is yours: conserve battery power and use this as your main vape wherever you are. A few people reviewing their Vapir NO2 regard it as their secondary device for when they are away from home, opting for something with a bigger heating chamber when they are in their living room.

Temperature Recall

The Vapir NO2 will recall the last temperature setting you chose to vape at. As soon as you turn it on, your vaporizer will set itself to that last value so you don’t have to think about what setting had your vapor tasting so good. Just vape and relax.

It also heats up more quickly than before. Use the three buttons by the screen to turn on your Vapir NO2 and to raise or lower the temperature.

Temperature recall and its pure brass, medical-grade heating element add to the overall classy feel of the Vapir NO2. Vapir also sends a free 12V car adapter when you buy from them; another sign that these guys are serious about competing in the vaporizer market. They know smoking and driving went together. Being able to harness electricity from the car to vape saves energy.

Where to Buy the Vapir NO2

When purchasing from independent vendors you might get a free gift, possibly a grinder. If you already have one, the car adapter could be a great addition to the hardware you already own. Some independent vendors also carry Vapir accessories if you need to replace something. What you need most out of a vendor is responsive customer service. A Vapir NO2 review will tell you whom to trust.

Larger Filling Chamber

With version 2, Vapir has created a bigger filling chamber. You can now enjoy continuous use while plugged in and longer sessions before re-filling your chamber. The chamber is vertical: drop your finely ground blend right in easily without worrying about spillage, but not right to the top. Most people recommend stopping at the three-quarter mark.


When it comes time to clean your vaporizer, it’s a simple matter. You will find bamboo cleaning sticks and a cleaning brush in the box. Don’t drop it in a sink of soapy water. Electrical items dislike water.

As long as you keep it clean, vapor should taste excellent. If you buy the pack with a tube attachment and a scoop cup, it costs more: up to $170. You could pay less than $150 for the basic package. A tube cools the vapor before it reaches your lips.

Battery Life

A few comments about battery life had me wondering if this was a decent product for vaping on the go, but it all depends on how you set it. Temperature is adjustable so using the highest value all the time will drain your battery quickly, even more so with constant puffing.

It’s digital: efficient and accurate. The car adapter helps a lot, and so does an automatic shut-off timer. If you leave your vaporizer on for 20 minutes without puffing, this smart device shuts itself off automatically.


The shape of a Vapir NO2 is not as discrete as the Firefly, PAX, or Puffit-X: being long and narrow it will not be concealed in your closed hand. In fact, you could say using the Vapir NO2 in public would be akin to holding up an LED sign that says you are puffing on ground plant materials.

Let everyone around you wonder what kind. For a stealthy vape, try the Magic Flight Launch Box or one of the units mentioned above. For a vaporizer that gets people talking, the Vapir NO2 has the modern good looks to inspire interesting conversations.

A Smell at First

Just a note of warning: there might be a little bit of a smell at first whenever you fire up your handheld vaporizer. It will go away quickly, but customers say it happens every time. This has nothing to do with your plant materials.