V2 Cigs Pro Series

V2 Cigs has been at the forefront of vaping, providing clients in the United States with many electronic cigarette options for several years. For a long time those options mostly pertained to their several starter kits which gave clients a choice whether they had small budgets or could afford to go for something bigger. Then they added more gear to their collection, including capacious cartomizers to go with their new EX batteries. In the summer of 2014, e cig consumers, particularly V2 fans, will get their first look at a new product from V2 Cigs: the V2 Pro.

The V2 Pro Personal Vaporizer is the latest release from the parent company, VMR Products, best known for their V2Cigs brand of electronic cigarettes.

The V2pro is their entry into the growing PV (short for personal vaporizers) segment, and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about this awesome release.

V2 Pro Review

I caught wind of the pro edition vaporizer a little early, and was even sent a media sample!  As an analyst in in the e-cig industry, it seems more and more companies are going the route of making liquids that are powered by kicked up vapor pens and other devices that just blow away the traditional electric cigarette we’ve all been accustomed to knowing.

V2 Pro Series Vaporizers3 in 1 Vaporizer Pen

The new Pro is a vaporizer and an electronic cigarette. Both are essentially vaporizers, using an atomizer to heat materials, but different materials. E-liquid is dripped into an e cig tank or clearomizer where the atomizer changes it into vapor.

Waxy oils, tobacco, or aromatic herbs are loaded into a chamber in a vaporizer where they are heated to release vapor. Each one employs an atomizer to do the same thing: create plumes of vapor for the consumer to inhale and enjoy without the toxins contained in cigarettes.

Up until now, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers were two different types of products broken into many sub-categories. While consumers might enjoy engaging in both practices, they had to own separate devices. With the V2 Pro, two similar activities find their meeting point. V2 Cigs has done it again.

How the V2 Pro Works

The atomizer does not change from one mode of use to the other. What changes is the cartridge. Vapers change the cartridge each time they swap materials. It connects to the atomizer magnetically so comes away without unscrewing or fiddling of any kind. V2 calls these “drop in cartomizers.”

The 3 in 1 design refers to the ability to use e-liquid, waxy oils, or solid materials with the same device. Notice that the Pro is a pen which refers to its size and portability. Not only is the V2 Pro wireless but it fits into your pocket. There are many portable nicotine vaporizers available and e cigs are always portable, but you will be glad that owning the ability to do three things with the same device does not require a big table-top device plugged into the wall. Like all V2 products, this one uses a rechargeable battery.

Coming Soon

V2 Cigs has not released much information about the Pro Vaporizer yet. There are hints here and there to entice readers and vapers, like movie trailers. They are letting people know that this product will soon be available for purchase.

Some media write-ups indicate that the 4th of July is its release day which would be fitting. An American company can offer clients their freedom from slavery to cigarettes and also free those who have already switched to vaping from being tied to multiple machines.

Pictures are trickling out and they show a device that takes the Pax by Ploom and crosses it with a Volcano LavaTube. The colors are metallic and bright like a LavaTube but the shape is close to that of a Pax.

While you Wait

Read the V2 Cigs forum to find out what clients are saying about V2 as a company and what is popular. Browse the website for more products. The Pro will be here soon and when it arrives you will want to place your order in a hurry to avoid being on the “notify me” list which signifies that the Pro is out of stock.