PAX By Ploom

For about $250, you can own a portable vaporizer. The PAX by Ploom is one of the most exciting small devices on the market and among the most stylish. It comes in four possible colors: emerald, onyx, cobalt, or amethyst.

The Look of PAX

A PAX is not only small but stylish with the four-petal flower lighting up to tell you the temperature or battery power. Watch for the light to glow as soon as it is ready to draw. This vaporizer is discrete if you want to conceal it, but pretty if you want to show it off.

PAX Details

How does this little item work?

Fill your device with the herbs you want: lavender, thyme, or mint. You might have to grind the first (a grinder is sold separately). Tamp them down and press down with your mouthpiece.

Watch for the heat to reach 370F or up to 410F. The lowest usable temperature shows up yellow, then orange, and finally red for top temperature. The highest figure here represents the highest safe temperature in the industry.

Anything higher causes your aromatherapy herbs to burn, so you are no longer vaporizing but might as well smoke a cigarette.

Shake the device and it will show you how much power remains in your battery. Green indicates a full battery. Yellow indicates partial power. A red light tells you to recharge the battery, which should take about 2 hours. When fully recharged, the battery will last for about the equivalent amount of time.

Your box comes with a screen, mouthpiece, oven lid, a charging dock and cord. Look for five cleaning wipes and tools, plus two lubricant packets. Anything else you want will cost extra such as a case, and herbs are extra too, but that is the case with vaporizers in general.

If $240 sounds like a lot to pay, realize you are getting a high-quality product: a favorite among portable vaporizer clients.

PAX by Ploom Review

There are several benefits to choosing a PAX over some of the larger or less expensive portable vaporizers on the market or even some very small ones:

One is the amount of time the battery lasts. For this size, 2 hours is good. Another is that the temperature remains consistent.

Cleaning your PAX and maintaining it ensure the device works smoothly all the time, and cleaning is an easy matter.

Consumers like the user-friendly, consistent, and durable nature of the PAX by Ploom. Heating takes under a minute and you enjoy a clean smelling and tasting vapor. When your unit reaches a certain heat, it remains steady.